Raheem The Dream Safe For 2010

December 28th, 2009

If Bill Cowher comes to the Bucs, it likely won’t be until the 2011 season.

If there is a season.

Provided Raheem the Dream has an awful year in 2010.

That’s the summation that BSPN’s Adam Schefter laid out for listeners on BSPN Radio this morning as he co-hosted with Erik Kuselias, heard locally on WHBO-AM 1040.

Schefter explained to listeners that in recent days rumors of Cowher began popping up in his NFL channels and the two teams that were constantly mentioned were Tampa Bay and Carolina.

While Schefter said it is “likely” Cowher returns to the NFL coaching ranks next season, he doubts it will be for either the Bucs or the Panthers.

Part of that reason is both teams have had a resurgence to close out the 2009 season, in short saving both Raheem the Dream’s job and John Fox, coach of the Panthers.

Another more significant factor for Cowher not coming to the Bucs or Panthers is the looming labor strife of the 2011 season, Schefter said.

Schefter is of the opinion that there will be a work stoppage of some sort in the NFL in 2011, and neither Bryan or Joel, nor Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, are inclined to make a move prior to 2011 as they seem intent to wait until a new labor agreement with the NFLPA is in place before making such a major move.

Schefter went on to say that yesterday, with the Bucs upsetting the Saints and the Panthers destroying the Giants, both teams should have given a game ball to Cowher as Schefter believes the Cowher rumors may have motivated both teams to save their coach’s jobs. 

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