Raheem The Dream Is “Lost”

December 21st, 2009

Someone who glosses themselves as “Bucs Chick” on a site Joe was previously unfamiliar with, “ChicksInTheHuddle.com,” writes a rambling, wordy piece where she tries to make an analogy between the TV show Lost and Raheem the Dream.

As in Lost, the longer the Bucs season lasts, the more muddled it gets. At first we were going to be a power running team, with a strong offensive line and the addition of Giants’ running back Derrick Ward. Well, that didn’t work. And the new man-defense that Jim Bates tried to implement put the team in so many big holes early, that the Bucs became a pass-first team. Speaking of which, Byron Leftwich was supposed to get us through the year so that rookie Josh Freeman could sit on the bench. But Leftwich left early, followed by Josh Johnson, and then, halfway through the season… rookie Josh Freeman. Oh yeah, and the Bucs dropped the man-defense, too. If there was a master plan in the beginning of the season, you’d never know it looking at the current team.

But the great thing about both Lost and the Bucs is this: They can both be redeemed with a good ending. If Raheem can rally his team to win one or two of the three remaining games, he can likely save himself a job. After all, he and his team seem to have done a good job drafting Josh Freeman and a couple of other promising young players. And if Lost can come up with a whiz bang series ender this spring, all doubts and worries and quantum physics-induced headaches will be forgotten.

But if not, of course, I do believe that all is completely Lost.

Joe will be upfront: Joe is lost on Lost. Never got it. Hey, if ain’t 24 and it ain’t football or hockey or baseball or college basketball, some TV show has to go a long way to capture Joe’s attention.

So it’s understandable that since Joe is lost on Lost, Joe is also lost on this Lost = Raheem the Dream.

Joe’s beginning to believe that not even Jack Bauer and his cell phone can save the Bucs.

2 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Is “Lost””

  1. Louie Says:

    Joe, thanks for giving me a reason to never visit ChicksInTheHuddle.com.

  2. Banana Says:

    Louie – I can’t see why anyone at chicksinthehuddle really cares.
    Joe – hard to get an analogy when you don’t know the content it is referring to
    I think we can all agree that the Bucs suck, so its nice to take breather every now and then…