Raheem Takes Shot At His Critics

December 21st, 2009

Raheem the Dream took a moment after awarding his players a “Victory Monday” following the Bucs win Sunday on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Raheem the Dream also seemed to take a veiled shot at fans who have been lobbying for his dismissal.

“We talked [at halftime] about getting the ball back and scoring. If we score, then it will be on our defense. At that point, if it was on them I thought we could win.

“The interception by Tanard Jackson was a big time play. He has come up big for us all year and I’m glad to see we were able to capitalize. The defense has been playing better and the offense was playing well. I was proud of them.

“That was great execution on both screen plays by a young quarterback. He is magical now with the backs. It was nice. [Freeman] is a guy who can deliver the football downfield. You have to have patience with the young man. I think he learned from his last two games and has grown.

“It is very rewarding. We want to finish this year strong and go into next year and get good again. If we finish strong, especially with a game on the west coast like this, this means a lot.

“This is beautiful, I am proud of the players and the fans who have stuck with us.”

9 Responses to “Raheem Takes Shot At His Critics”

  1. Justin Says:

    Again, Raheem shows he has a lot of growing up to do.

    It’s as if he thinks two wins erases all the losses, and coordinator firings, and mistakes, and…

    This win does nothing to suggest that Raheem is ready to handle many of the OTHER aspects of football–you know, those aspects that don’t involve beating similarly terrible teams. For example, figuring out to call more running plays, oh… maybe a couple of games ago!

    Maybe if Raheem wasn’t so bizarrely against stats, he might have figured that out a bit earlier.

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    This win, which felt great, was against the same team that lost 34-7 to the Texans last week, and the Texans barely squeaked past the rams 16-13 yesterday. So Duh-heem really shouldn’t look at this for any more than it is, a well played 2’nd half against a real bad Seattle team. But, Olson had a much improved game plan over the last 13 or so.

  3. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Buc fans, we have to stay the course, don’t be fooled by this meaningless win against a crappy team. Hey we have all seen this before crappy team crappy coach lousy record gets a big win and suddenly everything is forgiven. YOU BEAT SEATTLE YOU TURD GET OVER YOURSELF! Please everybody don’t fall for this crap this guy is a turd as a head coach and he needs to be gone.

  4. Sgt Mike Says:

    Two shit teams playing with one winner. How good could it have possibly looked. Ryan Leaf had brief moments where he looked like he might amount to something other than a pill popping college assistant. “Radio” is an idiot and if he is not fired the futility will continue until he is. Even if he has all the players he wants, he will never be more than a marginal coach for the Bucs. Bring on Cowher. Go Bucs!!

  5. mike Says:

    ya are some dipression little bitches. start watching another team ya can’t handle the bucs its always been a roller coaster ride with this team, some how everybody on here thinks a rookie coach and a rookie qb should be undefeted, no, Cower he didn’t win or get to a superbowl until his last year and he will be our savior no, Raheem is a buc he fits everything the bucs have ever been let him breath ande be a rookie as for the win, winning builds confidence lets makeup for our mistakes relax raheem is a nfl head coach, ya flood another mans
    web page with your bitching

  6. Sgt Mike Says:

    Thats not the point. The point is we want a disciplined coaching philosophy. It helps when it’s froma winner. Trust me I know the futility we have here. I have been a fan of this team since 1977. The philosophy of this team has changed multiple times this year. I see a coach and assistant coaches who are clueless and can’t even use our proven commodities on a consistant basis. I’m just not willing to sit back and wait 15 years for another winner. I’ve done that a couple of times in the past. As a fan who spends money on my teams gear and games, I expect them to put forth there best effort. So far I see very little effort. A few players here and there trying there best. Some trying to get a look from another team. Preferrably one win a winning attitude and philosophy. I just don’t see the attitude changing. Eventually things have to change but eventually you have to call it what it is. Raheem is not ready to be a HC in this league. Maybe a Coordinator. I’m just not willing to wait for him to learn how to be a head coach. The Glazers should make a move to bring this team back to greatness by spending money on players and a coach who might have the right winning philosophy and ability to evaluate and adjust based on the talent of the players. I have nothing against Raheem. Just that he should be coaching at his professional level and striving to get better and more experienced. He may be a great HC in the future. Unfortunately his future is still just that. Way in the future. Hopefully I can eat some crow next season if he is retained and we get to the playoffs. That’s the kind of wrong I don’t mind. Go Bucs!!

  7. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Nobody in their right mind expected undefeated, but 2 wins is completely unaccectable. This season started off with a laundry list of mistakes this aint no rollercoaster ride this is a trip over a cliff with Raheem at the wheel.

  8. drdneast Says:

    Yea, Raheem. Freeman threw two screen passes yesteday. That’s one more than your idiot brother Greg Morris has called since Freeman went in as a starter. No wonder it caught the Seahwaks off guard. You also has Freeman roll out twice as much as you have all season yesterday. Great! At this rate, do you think about sometime during the 2011 season Olsen might get a handle on this OC job.

  9. Joe Says:


    Please don’t be a stranger.