Raheem, Olson Feeling Heat From Front Office

December 26th, 2009
Go ahead and blame Drew Brees for Raheem the Dream hiring Jim Bates. Also, thank Brees for getting rid of Bates as well.

Go ahead and blame Drew Brees for Raheem the Dream hiring Jim Bates. Also, thank Brees for getting rid of Bates as well.

Joe learned all sort of interesting nuggets about the inner-workings of the Bucs in this week’s Bucs TBO podcast with Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

The biggest bombshell was that, to quote Cummings, “I can tell you for a fact there are people in the upper levels of the organization are not happy at all [that Bucs running back Derrick Ward] only has 107 carries.”

As a result, Cummings explained that is why Raheem the Dream is using Ward more.

Another interesting tidbit Joe learned from the podcast was that one reason Raheem the Dream hired now defrocked defensive coordinator Jim Bates was the feeling that Drew Brees and Matt Ryan learned how to pick apart the Tampa-2 defense and Raheem the Dream wanted to quit using the Tampa-2.

As Cummings said, “the ideas made sense but in practice” it was a disaster.

Just curious, what defense hasn’t Brees picked apart?

Ironic that it was Brees roasting Bates’ abortion of a two-gap defense that may have forced Bates into retirement.

6 Responses to “Raheem, Olson Feeling Heat From Front Office”

  1. Snook Says:

    The local papers are such rags. Do these tools ever do any research? Or even watch the games?

    When has Matt Ryan EVER picked apart our defense? In just over 2 games against the Bucs in his career, he’s 30 of 59 for 371 yards… ZERO TDs and FOUR INTs.

    And sure, Brees has had success against the Bucs, but he threw THREE INTs in his last meeting against the Bucs playing Tampa 2 D in December of 2008. Does Roy not remember that game?

    Roy Cummings is a douchebag. Period. That guy has ZERO credibility as a sports journalist.

  2. Joe Says:


    Listen to the podcast. Roy Cummings isn’t saying that about Brees and Ryan, he said that was the conclusion Raheem the Dream came to, and which is why he hired Bates.

    Cummings was not involved in the hiring process with the Bucs when it came to a defensive coordinator, and Joe assumes he never will.

  3. George C. Costanza Says:

    The reason the previous incarnation of the Tampa 2 wasn’t as effective as the Bucs Braintrust thought it should be was simple — no pass rush, or very little pass rush.

    They haven’t had a consistent pass rush since the Simeon Rice/Warren Sapp era.

    So instead of scrapping the Tampa 2 they shoulda got a pass rusher. Easier said that done, I guess.

  4. Snook Says:

    I listened to the podcast. And I understand what Roy is saying. But that doesn’t even make any sense. Where did Roy get this terrible info from? I HIGHLY doubt Raheem or anyone in the Bucs organization ditched the Tampa 2 because of Matt Ryan.

    Its PURE speculation on Roy’s part based on his CLEAR ignorance of Bucs football. The guy is an idiot.

  5. J Lynch says Says:

    How can Morris have an idea?? He couldn’t get a clue about football if he was Sherlock Holmes. Change the defense he blew out Brooks and June no Bucahnon.Wanna buy a vowel Morris??? Douche


    Lets see………
    Morris was originally the defensive coordinator. What was he going to run…. The TAMPA 2.
    Now he is hired as the Head Coach, he doesnt want to run the Tampa 2??? Someone needs to get a clue……..