Offensive Staff Should Hang Their Heads

December 13th, 2009

"Josh, look, I keep telling you. Keeping it simple with downhill running and play-action was Jeff Jagodzinski. There's no place for that old-school crap around here any more."

Former Bucs defensive end Steve White, a hardcore Bucs fan and writer of the popular Bull Rush column on, is not happy with the Bucs’ apparent allergy to running the football.

On his blog, White offers some powerful takes on the Bucs offensive playcalling.

… This, ladies and gentlemen, is not rocket science. If it were there would be a lot fewer coaches in the NFL. When you have a young quarterback and your defense is playing well and ESPECIALLY if you are playing in warm weather, weather that the Jets were unaccustomed to, YOU RUN THE MUTHAFUCKING BALL. And I don’t mean run it on first down and then maybe throw it if you don’t get much. I mean you commit to running the ball on first and second down and hell maybe even if its 3rd and medium you run it then too. That is what football is all about.

What it’s not about is selling out your defense and keeping them on the field all got damn day just so you can showcase your new toy to the detriment of the team overall. I don’t know how anybody on the offensive staff can even look any of the defensive coaches or players in the face after this game.

Now ultimately this falls on the head coach though. Raheem Morris may not call the offensive plays but he for damn sure hears them in his head phones. Well it’s time to start vetoing a bunch of this bullshit.

White goes on to offer much more perspective on the playcalling. Joe recommends you check it out.

And don’t miss White’s hard-hitting, Xs and Os Bull Rush column right here on on either Monday night or Tuesday.

One Response to “Offensive Staff Should Hang Their Heads”

  1. gt40bear Says:

    Don’t sugar coat it Steve, tell us what you really think:) BTW totally agree.