Josh Freeman Speaks

December 6th, 2009

Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman spoke on the Bucs radio network just after the game and didn’t duck any questions or responsibility.

“It was difficult, not getting touchdowns in the end zone. We have to find ways to throw touchdowns, not interceptions. We gave some (plays) away.

“I didn’t even see Beason (on the first-and-goal from the five interception). He was behind a d-lineman.

“The first interception was a bad throw. I had to throw it hard or it would have gone into the ground and it just sailed.

“[The last interception] I first looked for AB [Antonio Bryant] and then Kellen and then Stovall. Beason was basically tackling Kellen. Sammie wasn’t there. Thought Mo was coming across and I went to Mo but the defensive player also came across.

“I’ve got to give credit to the defense. We gave away so much it shouldn’t have been close. You always have hope when the defense plays that well.”

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