Josh Freeman Making Mike Mayock Smile

December 4th, 2009

Educated NFL fans and real men who have the NFL Network already know Mike Mayock is the premier NFL draft analyst.

So it pleases Joe to read Mayock rave about the play of Bucs rookie quarterback Josh Freeman in his first few starts.

Commenting in a chat on, Mayock raved about Freeman.

michael, tampa
What do you think about Josh Freeman? I think he has done great so far. And he hasnt received any kudos for his play.

Mike Mayock, NFL Network
Hey Michael I agree. The reason people aren’t talking about him is that he plays for such a dreadful team. Freeman has a big arm, a tremendous frame and a healthy work ethic, which will bode him well in the future. He is a great centerpiece to build your team around.

Joe understands Freeman will have more ups and downs. He’s still a rookie. Joe just hopes Freeman keeps his head up during the valleys and doesn’t get to giddy with the peaks.

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