Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts

December 6th, 2009

* Great run by Freeman but son, learn to slide, please.

* After watching Bryant make yet another great catch, Joe can’t help but think of that abject moron on WQYK-AM 1010 who has some two-bit Bucs pregame show who last week swore up and down that Bryant was the worst receiver in the NFL.

* Bucs are having good fortune with the replays today.

* First down on the five and you don’t try to run the ball? Pound the ball! Granted Bryant was open but the Jon Beason made a helluva play.

* About freaking time someone (Ronde Barber) stops Stewart. Joe’s to the point if they could trade a second round pick for him just so he doesn’t kill the Bucs any longer, it’s a good trade. Dude murders the Bucs.

* That’s it! Pound the ball!

* Dave Moore on the Bucs radio network just said when the Bucs have a two-back set, Carolina is not blitzing. When the Bucs are in the shotgun, they blitz each time.

* Huge, huge, huge play on the fumble recovery. Now please pound the ball Olson.

* G-DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greg Olson why are you not running the freaking ball? WHY???????????? That’s it! Joe’s had it with Olson. Enough is enough. Go hire that jackass Charlie Weis. Shove that Chucky playbook up your arse Olson. DAMNIT!

* Gene Deckerhoff nearly fell out of the booth on Tanard Jackson’s hit. He tried to say both “slobber” and “snot” at the same time but was so excited he said “snobber knocker.”

* Now run the g-damned ball Olson!!

* What’s with burning a timeout with one second left?

* Run Cadillac Williams… run Cadillac Williams… RUN CADILLAC WILLIAMS!

8 Responses to “Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts”

  1. big nick Says:

    joe I just cant take olson anymore either or raheem they dont know how to coach…

  2. Chuck Says:

    Who is calling these plays?!!??!!?!!??! 4 INTs!!!!!!!

  3. Joe Says:

    big nick:

    Raheem the Dream isn’t calling the plays. To Raheem the Dream’s credit, he changed up something on the defense. Since the first quarter, the defense has played well.

    This game isn’t on Raheem the Dream. It is on Greg Olson.

  4. aldo Says:

    joe questio, i cant see the game for personal reasons, tell me that 4 int that freeman have, is his fault?? i dont wanna think he will be so inconsitant

  5. Joe Says:


    Sure, if you throw five interceptions you can’t blame that on anyone else. Jon Beason’s first interception was a great play by him. Bryant was open in the end zone but Beason made a helluva play.

    Olson should have been calling many more run plays, especially after Freeman’s third interception. This loss is on Olson.

  6. Justin Says:

    Guess it’s time to fire another coordinator!

  7. Jackson Says:

    If you knew much about football or were paying attention to the game, the game clock was not going to start until the snap, the PLAYCLOCK was down to 2 seconds, they did not want to take a penalty. There’s plenty of room for justified criticsm without creating some where it shouldn’t be.

  8. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Jackson, get over yourself. This a fast-moving, loose play-by-play look at the third quarter updated during the game. There are plenty of errors in it every week. It’s not supposed to be 100 percent.