Joe’s Fourth Quarter Thoughts

December 13th, 2009

* Gene Deckerhoff talking about Jets quarterback Brad Smith in shotgun formation a Wildcat. Damnit, a quarterback in a shotgun formation is NOT a Wildcat. However, Deckerhoff said every team has a version of a Wildcat. Yeah, every team but the Bucs.

* Dave Moore has said the Bucs defense played terrible against the cutbacks with Jim Bates but now, they are under Raheem the Dream. Joe is happy that Dave Moore reads Joe’s posts during the game.

* Bucs defense looks like it’s just about tapped out.

* Elbert Mack has a nice tackle on that Jets completion.

* Good thing for Clemens he can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat, otherwise, Talib would have had a pick-six on the far end line.

* If the Bucs had any kind of offense, the Jets would have just kept the Bucs in the game with that missed field goal.

* Winslow did a whole lot of running after that catch but went a whole lot of nowhere.

* Freeman should take off more often to loosen up the Jets defense.

* Damn, Mo Stovall was open. Terrible pass.

* Revis with an interception. It was just a matter of time.

* Nice job of the Bucs radio network to be broadcasting commercials during Thomas Jones’ touchdown.

* Where was this offense in the first half?

* Man, Freeman is way off target today. King of Turds was open but Freeman overthrew him by eight yards.

* Dave Moore on the Bucs radio network is really ripping the Bucs offense, indirectly Greg Olson: You are seeing things from your quarterback that after this many games you should not be seeing. Translation: Freeman is regressing and that is a reflection on Greg Olson.

* Fitting that Freeman throws an interception to effectively end the game.

* Joe always thought Braylon Edwards was a smooth-talking dirtbag. A personal foul inside the five-yard line sorta reinforces Joe’s thoughts.

* Mo Stovall with a nice catch. Too bad it’s pretty much useless.

* Bucs haven’t converted a third down all day. Beyond pathetic. 0-14 on third downs. Dave Moore was ripping Greg Olson for his play call on third down with 44 seconds left, saying you never call a crossing pattern on a zone defense.

* Brian Clark, wide open, drops a fourth down pass. There’s a reason why he was unemployed this summer.

* Game next week at Seattle will be very telling for both Josh Freeman and Greg Olson. If Freeman continues to regress next week, Joe cannot see any reason to retain Greg Olson. If your franchise quarterback is getting worse by the week, hard to continue going down that road before he’s ruined.

6 Responses to “Joe’s Fourth Quarter Thoughts”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    take the rest of the day off…..

  2. JK Says:

    Oh yes Joe!! that’s why we lost. No wildcat!! Genius!! Why didn’t Morris think of it? Then maybe we would get a first down without refs help.

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,


    C’mon, the Bucs lost because, well, you could name at least a dozen reasons.

  4. Buccin Cane Says:

    Man F$^k Olsen dis sorry ass dude couldnt call collect. If greg olsen can call a football game then a monkey can F$^k a football. This is totally horrendous get his ass out of town on da first thing smokin. At dis point i dont give a damn who we hire to replace him jus get his ass out here. People talk all kinda trash about raheem and most of it is desereved but it aint a team in da league who could have stop da jets with time of possesion and no first downs until da refs felt sorry 4 us. Im so frustrated with this team i cant even control myself watchin da game. This is just terrible. With da lions gettin their ass whopped today we wont even get da first pick to get a chance at draftin Suh. Bottom line we such and cant buy a win.

  5. Jeff Says:

    No effort and it looked like they were playing for the #1 pick on purpose.
    At this point, ok with me. They packed it in and it showed. Curious how many ‘injuries’ happen this week. Please.

  6. gt40bear Says:

    Is he truly regressing or is he what most thought he was when he was drafted. I’m really pulling for the kid,but right now he couldn’t hit a bull in the a$$ with a bass fiddle…oh and fire the hell out of Olson.