Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts

December 6th, 2009

* Well, that’s a good start: Barrett Ruud drilling Jonathon Stewart at the line.

* Whoops. Typed too soon.

* It appears Elbert Mack is going to have a busy day.


* Oh, boy. Now Elbert Mack is out and a glorified practice squad player is in: Derrick Roberson.

* When you have to count on a strong safety to tackle a running back at the line…

* Terrible first series thus far by the Bucs defense.

* Mo Stovall with a huge catch. (His numbers are very close to Michael Clayton’s FYI).

* Where exactly was Josh Freeman throwing that ball? Wow. Really bad interception.

* This is not looking good. Already.

* OUTRAGEOUS! Grade school football players have better tackling technique than the Bucs are showing. WRAP UP!!!

* Bucs got lucky. Steve Smith totally schooled Elbert Mack and was wide open for a touchdown but Matt Moore threw the ball into another zip code.

* Nice shovel pass by Freeman to avoid a sack. Smart.

* Finally a good defensive play. Solid defense there by Tarnard Jackson.

* The practice squad guy (Roberson) nearly with a pick. Of course Moore forced that pass.

* Very nice runback by Sammie Stroughter. It helps that there were a few mistackles, but hey…

* Damn. Antonio Byrant made a helluva catch/near-catch but the ball wasn’t exactly well-thrown. He was wide open.

* Nice run by Derrick Ward. Come on Greg Olson, run the friggin’ ball, will ya?

2 Responses to “Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Can we throw the ball to Winslow or Stroughter!? Cmon! The run isn’t our strength right now.

  2. Chuck Says:

    PS. Our defense forgot how to tackle