Jerry Wunsch Blasts Bucs Effort

December 15th, 2009

Blasting the effort of many Bucs, former Bucs offensive lineman Jerry Wunsch (1997-2001) came out swinging when giving his take on the 2009 team yesterday during an interview on 1010 AM.

Wuncsh said it’s painfully obvious the team’s effort is lacking on the offensive side of the ball.

“Either the guys don’t respect the coach, or the coaches aren’t coaching,” Wunsch said. “I see guys who are just tyring to get by … you have to go out and earn it. I feel bad for the players who are actually trying. …Guys are not finishing plays. When a team is putting out the effort, you see guys fighting up and to and through the whistle. It’s not across the board [with the current Bucs]. And if it’s not across the board you don’t get the result.”

Wunsch declined to call out players individually.

Bucs fans can grab a little hope from Wunsch’s later comments, when he talked about the team turnaround he experienced with the 2002 Seahawks after leaving the Buccaneers.

Wunch said that Seattle team was 4-9 before closing the season with two overtime road wins in Atlanta and San Diego and a home victory against St. Louis. Those final three victories changed the entire franchise, Wunsch said. Seattle went on to a winning season in 2003 en route to their Super Bowl season in 2005.

“It can happen like that,” Wunsch said. Those three games “were the culture of our football team.” 

One Response to “Jerry Wunsch Blasts Bucs Effort”

  1. Louie Says:

    I don’t see the Bucs doing any better in these last 3 games. It’s not like they are going to all of a sudden wake up and start playing well. If anything, it could get worse (if that is possible). God help us at New Orleans.