Jackson Says Raheem Was Bored As Head Coach

December 14th, 2009

Tucked in a Sunday pregame story about the revival of the Bucs defense was a bizarre quote from Tanard Jackson in the St. Pete Times.

Per Jackson, Raheem The Dream said he wasn’t sufficiently stimulated by his head coaching gig before defrocking Jim Bates.

“He said he was getting a little bored as a head coach, and it’s good to see him back in the room, teaching like a position coach,” Jackson said of Morris. “I’m sure he’s having fun with it. If you know Raheem, you know he’s having fun doing it.”

Now Joe doesn’t want to make too much of a second-hand quote. But it sounds awfully troubling. Why would Raheem The Dream even spit out the sentiment that he was bored as the head coach of an severely challenged NFL team?

8 Responses to “Jackson Says Raheem Was Bored As Head Coach”

  1. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Well, that’s good. Tampa is pretty much bored with him as head coach too.

  2. thedeej3000 Says:

    Yes… I often find myself bored watching him be head coach.

  3. Louie Says:

    A rookie head coach who has never been an NFL coordinator is bored? How can that be? If he’s bored in less than one year on the job, he clearly isn’t doing the job and isn’t cut out to be a HC.

  4. Florida Girl Says:

    As a club seat season ticket holder for several years now, I’ve been pretty bored too. Time to cash in the “3 and Out” checks and buy a vowel. That would be an O, as in Offense.

  5. gator nation Says:

    I new this was going to happen!!!!! I never once thought he could pull it off. He’s to much a players coach.

  6. gator nation Says:

    Im thinking we r fixing to go thru some bad season’s. I’m 38 and remember the bad days and my mom still has the old Buccs tag on her car. So Im ready for it, not like we have not been there before.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe Raheem should try tinker toys if he is bored. I loved them as a kid. Round peg, round hole, color coded. All this and pay too.

  8. Tom Says:

    Raheem was bored because he doesn’t really know what a HC does. Seriously.

    It’s like promoting a line cook to General Manager. The line cook, no matter how talented, will show up to work and say “now what?” while they waited for something tangible to do. If you don’t know what the job entails how are you going to be good at it?

    I’m not sure how much blame I can give a position coach for not knowing what the HC does behind closed doors when his only experience as a coordinator was at K-State for a year and the fact that he’s 32 years old and around the game in any coaching fashion for less than 10 yrs.

    The blame goes on the incompetent people that hired him to a position that he wasn’t remotely qualified for.