“It’s Victory Monday”

December 27th, 2009

A relieved Raheem the Dream, fresh in knowing that his job should be secure for 2010, had plenty of things to say and, again, took a veiled shot at his critics following the game.

“This is just a wow,” Raheem the Dream said. “Beating a pretty good New Orleans Saints team that will compete for the Super Bowl. I am proud of the players, excited.

“Today was more about adjustments. They have an explosive offense and an explosive defense. Greg Olson had to make adjustments at halftime. I had to make adjustments at halftime. That is a credit to our coaching staff and our players.

“It was a lot of fun, awesome.

“Bucs tight end Kellen Winslow has been special all year and today was no different. Cadillac came to play as well. For him to run like that coming off those knee injuries and be tough and running like he did, I’m proud of those guys. We were able to make drives because of them.

“Punt returner Michael Spurlock comes up big. We were lucky enough tht he was on the waiver wire. He already is in the Bucs record books.

“I was thinking of a way to stop the Saints when I saw Spurlock break it. He bailed me out. We needed some big things to happen and got it, including the [coin] toss [for overtime].

“Running the ball, that has to be our personality. I said that before the season. We have to run the ball to protect our quarterback. To see Cadillac grind it out was special.

“I had the tough guy mentality so I watched [Barth’s game-winning field goal]. I told him last night he would win the game for us by three. I was just guessing.

“It’s Victory Monday. Coaches will come into work and see how we can beat Atlanta. The players showed up. That was big.

“This is who we are. This is who we wanted to be. I’m happy for my real fans.”

10 Responses to ““It’s Victory Monday””

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m happy for my real fans.”
    What a stupid comment by an idiot, with an IQ of about 40. We’re Buc fans, not Raheem fans. It’s about the Bucs, not Raheem. This is why he should have stopped at DC and not been made a HC, because he never knows what to say and his timing is even worse. Take the win graciously and keep your feet away from your big mouth. What a dumb ass for a head coach. Take a perfectly good win after a myriad of mistakes on the field, and say something stupid like “his real fans”. Here’s one for you Rah: $#!t for brains, don’t go to the bathroom.

  2. Go Bucs Says:

    I think he meant the team’s real fans, not his own. He just said it wrong, as he tends to do.

  3. justin Says:

    Yea cause less face it people who wanted to stick with chucky and be 9 and 7 every year and never do well in the playoffs are not buc fans…. The people who want to flip to a new coach which will bring in new players and set back out team even more are not real fans….. Real fans stick by the players and coaches trough bad games and good games

  4. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Raheem sucks ass! And i have been a fan since 1976 so blow me!

  5. jlynch1340 Says:

    Raheem is a fuc*ing as*hole. I love the Bucs but I hate that douche!!! He isn’t smart enough to know fans are really sick of losing and hearing some BS spewed from him. He fuc*ed this team up along with the front office not the fans. We pay for it not him. He drives his Jag and dresses nice and drinks top shelf, we pay 25 to park 10 bucks a beer and so on. Why dont you self evaluate be your “best self” and QUIT??? I hope they bring in a real coach and staff and give the Tony Dungee treatment. Kick you in the ass on your way out the door. I’l never forget seeing Dungee on the news in pouring rain cleaning out his property from one buc place SEE YA LATER MORRIS

  6. buckeyebob Says:

    You guys suck. They won today and last week. Players and coaches alike worked hard for this win. You jackasses still have not figured out htat any win in the NFL is a good win. Last time I checked the Saints kicked our asses the first time around and we stood up to they at their place man to man, coach to coach and WON. GREAT JOB MEN !!

  7. Tampa Edski Says:

    Let’s see – a decent draft last year (so it seems), we have a young QB that shows more promise than anyone I’ve seen in 13 years down here, the D starts to turn around…

    There are holes certainly, but it doesn’t seem like the black hole it was in late October. The team has improved of late. But I guess to some that sucks because now they fear if Morris and his staff start to win they’ll have nothing to bitch about.

    Typical goober Bucs fans, I guess. :-\

  8. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Two wins and everybody wants to line up and suck his d**k. Not me. The guy sucks and so does Olsen, do you jackoffs not realize that the only reason the Bucs won was because of a missed field goal. Did Raheem pull his pants down and distract their kicker or what.

  9. Bippy28 Says:

    who’s the lame giving gruden praise he drafted Dexter Jackson 2 return kicks when Mike spurluck was the 1st buccaneer to ever return a kickoff doesn’t that spell it out alone. Gruden made a ton of bad decisions along with the glasers and Bruce allen. The bucs have ten draft picks next year to compete with in the future. They had the toughest scedule in the NFL this year plus plenty of key players lost and put on IR. A couple of decent wideouts who run sound routes someone who can rush the passer and stop the run and they can compete with anyone once again.

  10. Tye Says:

    Well I hate it for the Bucs organization if they decide to keep Morris another season and basically choose to tank ANOTHER season. It is not like The Bucs won today because of some outstanding coaching. Cadilac Williams and Spurlock carried this team. Like bucfanlostiniowa (another LONG time Bucs fan; I agree with your comment by the way) said if the Saints wouldn’t have missed that last field goa it would just be another game we lost. Morris’ coaching didn’t cause that kicker to miss; well not unless he did what bucfanlostiniowa mentioned!!!