How Good Are These Bucs?

December 27th, 2009

Back-to-back road wins in December? In Seattle and New Orleans?

How good are these Bucs?

After last weeks win in Seattle, Joe could understand many fans thinking that meant a whole lot of nothing. But after today’s stunning upset against the Saints, that response just doesn’t fly, especially with the Saints in desperate need of the game and the Bucs defense pitching a shutout in the second half.

Perhaps the better question is, how good do Mark Dominik , Raheem The Dream and the Glazers think these Bucs are?

As great as the Bucs defense played today, and as promising as the offense appeared, Joe suspects that answer won’t come until after Sunday’s home finale against Atlanta.

3 Responses to “How Good Are These Bucs?”

  1. RastaMon Says:


  2. justin Says:

    4 and 12 we should end up and hey we could win our final 3 games if the bucs did that last year they would have made the playoffs

  3. buckeyebob Says:

    Who amoung you thought they would win today….nobody. Give these guys some credit for the win today and last Sunday and just maybe next Sunday