Don’t Expect A Big-Name Coach

December 24th, 2009
Dont expect Bill Parcells to move up I-75 and become a football czar of the Bucs.

Don't expect Bill Parcells to move up I-75 and become a "football czar" of the Bucs.

By and large, it appears to Joe that Bucs fans want Raheem the Dream gone.

These same fans rattled off all sorts of names of who should replace Raheem the Dream, almost all are names of past successful coaches.

Most common among those is Bill Cowher. Some prefer Mike Shanahan. Still fewer pine for the Bucs to take a stab at Bill Parcells, for the third time no less!

Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune suggests all the big-name coaches fans want to replace Raheem the Dream are all wishful thinking. That’s because Bryan and Joel don’t think that way.

Q: It’s apparent that the Bucs have probably won the only game they will win this season. The coaching has been far less than competent or ideal. It’s time the Glazers went after a Mike Holmgren or Bill Parcells type to oversee all the football operations. Barring that, they should go after Bill Cowher, Shanahan or one of the established coaches. What is your take on this idea of a football Czar to run things?
— Jim Wright, Clearwater

A: If the Bucs do as you suggest and hire either Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren, Bill Parcells or Bill Cowher, they will have their “football czar.” Shanahan, Holmgren and Parcells want to run the entire show. Same will probably go for Cowher if he returns. That’s why the Bucs probably won’t hire any of them or anyone like them. They’re not big fans of one-man shows. They like the idea of checks and balances within the system.
— Roy Cummings

Cummings has a solid point. Father Dungy and Chucky answered to Richie McKay. In theory, Chucky was supposed to answer to Bruce Almighty but it appears Bruce Almighty answered to Chucky.

If that was truly the case… wait a minute? What happened to both of them?

10 Responses to “Don’t Expect A Big-Name Coach”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Joe, At this point in the season, any “real” coach that replaces Radio will make me happy!

  2. Louie Says:

    Checks and balances!!!??? Those checks and balances haven’t worked so well over the last year. What a cluster-f*** of a season!

  3. J Lynch says Says:

    Take John Fox if he gets cut loose at Carolina, Tell Morris to go back to D Backs coach and work his way up the ranks like everyone else. This season should be humbleing enough. Know Your Role!!! or get lost

  4. Jdub Says:

    Cowher was never a one man show. He had Kevin Kolbert as GM for the second half of his tenure in Pittsburgh and he always surrounded himslef with great coordinators and assistant coaches. He also had kick ass owners in the Rooneys. We should be so lucky.

  5. Tye Says:

    I understand peoples arguement that a new HC needs a few years but come on! Their are just some people that are meant to coach and some aren’t. It is just a fact of life. If the Bucs only won 2-3 games and actually won them deservingly (which watching The Packers and Seahawks game it was more like those teams lost the game themselves) and IF Morris’ coaching was showing significant growth and increase then keep him BUT IT ISN”T!

    His coaching after 14 games is still as bad as the beginning. The last 2 games they have struggled to get 1st downs among many other problems.
    If these problem still accur after 14 games then it seems foolish to believe that he is going to get better through the off season without live game experience. The BEST thing for the organization and the teams future is to replace Morris A.S.A.P. or become one of the worst if not THE worst team in the league. If he stays, I hope the Glazer boys enjoy the sight of empty seats galore at EVERY home game!!!

  6. buckeyebob Says:

    Most if not all first year HC struggle to win. Just look around the league at the “new guys” and check their records. I dont see any of them making the playoffs. The owners are not going to kick him to the curb after one year. Rookie QB, injuries, some staff issues, etc have helped to make this a tough year. He should stay and let’s talk after a successful 2nd year.

  7. Sgt Mike Says:

    I would be all for a Footbal guy running the show. Let him put in a good coaching staff and make the deals. Going with the status quo will not do this organization any good. Eventually the seats at the CITS will be empty and who’s gonna pay for Manchester United then. Certainly not the Brits. If this happens and the economy stays anywhere near what it’s like now it may force the Glazer boys to sell one of the teams and be able to once again concentrate on producing a winner even if its in the kickball league. Either way we will eventually get what we want, New coach, New GM and maybe even a New set of owners.

  8. justin Says:

    Sgt mike – if you want a new coach, new gm, and new owners ….. You should find a new team cause that won’t happen in 2010 …….. I hear jacksonville needs some fans

  9. Wayne Says:

    buckeyebob, I suggest that “you” look around the league at “this years” rookie coaches, then you can come back on here and revise you post. Might give you something to do today. Merry Christmas! Radio simply isn’t a coach.

  10. Wayne Says:

    buckeyebob, Just a hint of how wrong you are; (THIS YEAR ROOKIE HEAD COACHES)Josh McDaniels, Den. 8-6, Rex Ryan, N.Y. Jets 7-7 (Spanked us couple of weeks ago, Jim Caldwell, Indy 14-0, Tom Cable, Oak. 5-9 (on an upswing) Mike Singletary, San Fran. 6-8 (nobody wants to play them right now), And one coach that I believe is “technically” a rookie because the Tuna put him in the middle of last year, Tony Sparano, Miami, 11-5. Then there are the lower ones. Todd Haley, KC, Raheem Morris, TB, Jim Schwartz, Det., Steve Spagnolo, St.Louis. I’d love to have Cowher. But I would like John Fox if he gets fired from Carolina too. Hell I’d take “any” qualified coach. Just get rid of Radio!