Do The Jets Underestimate The Bucs?

December 11th, 2009

Is Rex Ryan keeping Mark Sanchez home because he thinks the Bucs defense stinks?

Joe is a connoisseur of quality sports radio.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than passionate, back-and-forth debate, sort of like when Jenn Sterger and Rachel Watson might fight for Joe’s affection.

Uh, back to sports radio, Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno, of WFAN-AM, in New York, had a spirited discussion about the Jets-Bucs game.

Among other topics, they float the theory that the Jets aren’t playing quarterback Mark Sanchez because the Jets are overconfident.


6 Responses to “Do The Jets Underestimate The Bucs?”

  1. justin Says:

    Mark sancheze would gift wrap the bucs 3 ot 4 int’s this way the jets don’t shoot themselves in the foot

  2. FlBoy84 Says:

    Would that be a pillow fight in lingerie?

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Listening to these 2 guys talks it almost sounds like they’re talking about “last years Bucs”.

    I totally agree with them about running the football and it seems like that’s the plan.

    I almost got a chuckle when they said the Jets better not get behind by more than 2 touchdowns and have to rely on him (Jets QB) to win the game for them (Jets)

    It the Bucs get a 2 TD lead I’ll drop dead from a heart attack! But it seems like the Jets guys are worried about their backup throwing picks – boy where have we heard THAT B4?

    BTW – nice find there Joe. That podcast is definately not something one would find in the now defunt hand held glossy pages magazine currently known as the Pewter Report! 😉

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mr. Lucky, these shots you take at Pewter Report make you sound like a disgruntled former employee. I thought’ you’d be above all that sort of thing. 😉

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Dear Joe – Mr. Lucky is not a disgruntled former employee.

    Mr. Lucky was just following the relaxed journalistic norms when describing former print media establishments.

    As for being above that sort of thing? Nah

    Mr. Lucky is an equal opportunity offender.

    The only ax that Mr. Lucky has is sitting in the garage. Some of it’s edge is gone since Mr. Bates has been relieved of duty but Mr. Lucky keeps it handy waiting for the day that Radio Morris gets cancelled/pulled off the air.

  6. Paul Says:

    Sanchez will be working the grille on the sidelines.