Defense Improving

December 7th, 2009

Under the tutelage of now-defrocked Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates, the Bucs set a heinous franchise record of six straight games giving up 25 or more points.

That streak ended when Raheem the Dream showed Bates the door.

Oddly enough, another streak of sorts began. In the first game Raheem the Dream took over as the Bucs defensive coordinator, the Bucs held the Dixie Chicks to 20 points.

Yesterday, the Bucs held the Panthers to 16 points.

What sticks out for Joe is the Bucs held the Panthers to just two field goals in the second half. Even more eye-opening for Joe was that the Bucs held the Panthers to a lone field goal in the third quarter.

Under Bates, the Bucs got absolutely roasted in the third quarter.

Yeah, sure the Bucs faced two backup quarterbacks the past two weeks. Still, baby steps are progress. Notice Jonathan Stewart, who usually crushes the Bucs, was pretty much a non-factor in the second half?

The play of the defense under Raheem the Dream is giving Joe hope.

5 Responses to “Defense Improving”

  1. justin Says:

    Yea we could have won it if not making freeman trow all the time if you take those 5 interceptions and make them field goals we win 21 to 16 add the two missed field goals 27 to 16 …. I miss matt bryant

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    Raheem may be a serviceable DC but he is not a head coach

  3. Inigo Says:

    I could be missing something, here, but if the Bucs held Carolina to two field goals in the second half, and to one in the third quarter…. didn’t they hold the Panthers to one in the fourth quarter, as well?

    …I’m just asking questions…

  4. Chuck Says:

    I think you guys are wrong about Morris. These players are buying into his coaching, they just are not executing as well as we would like. They play for the entire game, which is a testimate to the coach. Most 1 – 11 teams give up and lose by a larger margin. The D will continue to improve uncder the Tampa 2, and the offense looked good with the exception of the picks in the end zone and goal line. Improvement is more important than wins at this stage, and we have seen improvement like Joe points out in this article. I am interested to see what an off season with Morris coaching the D, Olsen coaching the O, and Freeman, Bryan, and WInslow all getting reps together will bring. I also believe that Stoval will steel Clayton’s job. He played great yesterday, and expect that trend will continue.

  5. Joe Says:


    Stovall’s numbers (both on-field statistics and salary) are better than Clayton’s.