Communication Breakdown On 2-Point Try

December 22nd, 2009

Add Raheem The Dream to the list of Bucs (Antonio Bryant and Donald Penn) who like to refer to themselves in the third person.

Joe can relate. A little odd coming from a head coach in the NFL. But still, Joe finds it very entertaining.

Last night, during Raheem The Dream’s weekly show on 620 WDAE-AM, the head coach was asked about going for the two-point converstion late in the third quarter leading 19-7.

Raheem The Dream said the recommendation comes from pre-determined scenarios managed by running backs coach Steve Logan.

Host T.J. Rives asked Raheem The Dream why there was a such a “helter skelter” scene on the field when the Bucs decided to go for it. The head coach confessed he was the cause.

“It was a bad communication by Raheem. I didn’t tell my special teams coach I was going for two,” Raheem The Dream said. “We knew we were going to go for two on offense, and I got to get into Rich Bisaccia sooner. He doesn’t have the headset on … and I was assuming that. It was a bad job by the head coach.”

Joe’s not going to clobber Raheem The Dream for being unprepared on this one. It’s inexcusable, but stuff happens.

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  1. RastaMon Says:

    “Communication Breakdown ”
    inability to communicated…

    before one can ever hope to lead…one must be able to