Chris Hovan Sounds Off

December 22nd, 2009

Joe is a bit late in getting this out but better late than not.

In a recent Buccaneers Total Access, heard weeknights locally on WDAE-AM 620 at 6 p.m., Bucs defensive tackle Chris Hovan was a guest. He touched upon a number of issues, including the abortion that was the two-gap scheme that defrocked defensive coordinator Jim Bates tried to force his players to play.

“It was very different to put on weight and then play two-gap,” Hovan said. “It was difficult but Coach Morris asked me. So to be 320 again in my career is not going to happen again.

“I go home sick every night because I want to win.

“I disrupt and I fly from sideline to sideline. I tried something else this year but it was not me. It’s not the way I play. I’m better off playing in the Tampa-2.

“[The change back to the Tampa-2] is about establishing our identity again.”

Naturally, Hovan lauded Raheem the Dream and told a caller that Raheem the Dream reminds him of a hybrid of coaches.

“I see a lot of Coach Kiffin in Raheem but he breaks down situational football like Coach Gruden, he sees the big picture.”

Playing a two-gap system was not the only thing that made Hovan feel uneasy. To begin the season Hovan’s locker was moved and he was assigned the locker that was vacated by Derrick Brooks. Hovan didn’t like it.

“They moved my locker and it was uneasy for me [because Brooks’ locker was a shrine]. I was grateful to have the three years I had with Derrick Brooks. The man did so many great things on and off the field, and still does. I’m learning how to be a leader and set an example like he did. It wasn’t just on the field or away from the team but how he was a leader in the meetings.”

Hovan considers himself very fortunate and is reminded of his luck often. One Buc Palace is not far from where Bayflight flies in critical care patients to a hospital.

“This is a bad year professionally but once in a while in practice I see that Bayflight chopper and it gives me a chance to thank God that I play football.”

Hovan also talked about how football is becoming over-regulated. He understood why but he said not only will it be hard for players to play within the tightening rules, but the hits the NFL are trying to regulate out of play are also what draws fans. In particular, he did not like the Tom Brady Rule where players are fined for lunging at quarterbacks below the knees.

“If a playoff game is on the line and that quarterback is there and you are on the ground, you just might eat that $15-grand. The reason people love this game is the violence. We still want to keep the violence in the game.”

Uh, oh. There’s that word “violence” again.

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