Chris Hovan No Fan Of Ndamukong Suh

December 24th, 2009

Joe really wishes he was at One Buc Palace for this conversation.

Joe isn’t sure who asked Chris Hovan, whether it was Tom Balog of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune or some other member of the Fourth Estate, if the Bucs should tank the next two games in the feint hope of drafting Nebraska defensive tackle/manbeast Ndamukong Suh.

Mind you, if the Bucs were somehow able to draft Suh, Hovan would be out of a job.

The reaction from Hovan was predictable, but no less entertaining.

”He’s a good player, but at the same time, I’m not laying down in any games to get a player on my team,” Hovan said. “If that’s the mentality then cut me. If you want me to lay down then I’m in the wrong place because I’m not laying down.”

That takes balls to ask a guy like Hovan that kind of question, given the fact he could break most men in half if Hovan so chose. Joe is beyond impressed.

What ever scribe (radio talking head?) asked Hovan that question, speak up! Joe will happily buy you a few Caybrews.

In Joe’s eyes, the perpetrator is a true journalist.

13 Responses to “Chris Hovan No Fan Of Ndamukong Suh”

  1. D-money Says:

    Where in this does it say that he isn’t a fan of Suh? Once again your headline has nothing to do with the article being discussed and you read way too much into players comments. What was the guy supposed to say? “oh yeah let’s go out of our way to lose so we can draft someone who will take my job.”

    It doesn’t take balls to ask this question. It’s just another reporter trying to manufacture a story by asking stupid questions.

  2. Paul Wiezorek Says:

    I doubt that the questioner even knew enough about football to know that they both play the same position, and what the ramification of Suh coming to the Bucs would mean for Hovan. The sports pages are full of lightweight football fluff analysis and opinions. IMO The blogs have become a better, more in-depth look into sports. The questioner probably doesn’t deserve your Caybrew.

  3. Joe Says:


    It doesn’t take balls to ask this question

    Feel free to go up to any guy twice your size who is in peak physical condition, face-to-chest, and ask him a question that directly implies he’s gutless and not good at his job.

    That’s not even counting how the Bucs media relations staff very likely would consider throwing a guy out of the locker room for asking such a volatile question.

    Then come and tell Joe how that doesn’t take balls.

  4. Joe Says:

    Paul Wiezorek:

    LOL. Thanks so much for the kind words. Joe will be happy to save a few Caybrews for himself per your suggestion. 🙂

    Joe will have something later this afternoon he hopes that you will like. It too deals with, Joe believes, to be analysis of substance.

  5. FlBoy84 Says:

    The way the team has played for most of the year Chris, there’s no need for you to lay down in order for the Bucs to have a very high draft choice. Just keep doing what you’re doing bud. It’s obviously working great.

  6. Louie Says:

    Why the hell is everyone still talking about Suh??? As it stands now, he’s going to be the #1 pick (Rams will draft down if they are dead set on drafting a QB in the 1st round). Suh is not going to fall to the Bucs unless they trade up to get him, so there is no sense in the team “laying down” in order to draft him. I think its great Hovan (and the rest of the team) is still playing hard, trying to get wins. All this crap about laying down is just disgusting.

  7. lightningbuc Says:

    What does Hovan have more of this year – tackles or empty tubes of that silly face paint? Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out Chris!

  8. D-money Says:

    Well first of all Joe. As far as I can tell from hearing a few interviews on the radio Chris Hovan seems to be a pretty respectable guy. So i doubt that beating up a reporter would ever even cross his mind. So no it doesnt take balls. Just because he could beat the snot out of him doesn’t mean he would.

    The question was more stupid than brave. The reporters can ask any dumb question they want no matter how ridiculous and know that nothing will happen to them. Most of these guys just try and stir up controversy out of nothing.

    As far as the small possibility that the PR staff would kick him out, well that probably wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

  9. D-Rome Says:

    It’s surprising to me to hear that someone in the Tampa Bay sports media asked what I would consider to be a controversial question. The sports media in this town for the most part is soft.

  10. Joe Says:


    Totally agree. That’s why Joe thought possibly it was coming from some weak, cheesy-assed “Morning Zoo”-type show.

  11. DRB Says:

    I’m pretty sure Chris Hovan has played nose tackle since he’s been here. Booger Mcfarland played at the nose until Sapp left (HUGE MISTAKE) and wasn’t any better than Hovan. Suh would likely play the 3 technique- putting Ryan Sims out of a job.

    I would love to see Roy Miller@305-310lbs play the nose and Suh at the 3 technique. I think that would be a stout run-stopping/pocket pushing interior line.

    The only time Hovan has played poorly is under Bates’s 2 gap run contain system. He has been solid at the nose in the 1 gap system.

    People wishing for Chris Hovan to be gone are stupid.

    Same goes with the head coach…….

    Give him a little time to get it strait before you fire the guy.

  12. Gino Says:

    How long do you give the guy DRB–I mean how many losses, how many poor and inconsistant decisions does it take-to get this guy fired? When will he get it “strait”??? Does it take-and can we live through-another 12+ loss season?

    I mean it’s “plane” to “sea” Raheem is obsessed with the defensive side of the ball-and has yet to show any interest in the offense. I have been told of more than one occasion when an offensive coach has dragged him away from the defensive players he’s scolding to “coach the “hole” team”. That in itself tells me he’s not the “write” man for the job. He’s a DC or defensive coach first and “four”most, not even wishing to be the “mane” man.

    So-hire a “reel” coach- and offer him the job as DC. That’s what he apparently “seas” himself as anyway.

  13. DRB Says:

    Your response clearly shows your bad attitude…….

    It is littered with sarcastic gramatical mistakes in order to make me realize that I used the wrong “strait”……………..

    Typical shitty attiude that exists throughout the Tampa Bay area and most of Florida.

    Back to the point……

    You have to give Raheem another season to see if he improves as a head coach. He’s never been a head coach before- did you ever consider that he is learning too?

    I’m not saying that I like whats going on with the Bucs right now, but you need to see if he will have a smoother seaon next year.

    If not……

    Then fire him.

    They just freaking hired the guy……

    The team looked bad……

    The team is now showing improvement……

    Next season MAY be better……..

    If it’s not- then you make a change.


    He’s probably going to make some mistakes.

    I guess the Tampa fan base were experts at their chosen careers on the first day of their new jobs.

    Having lived here since 1987- I am now positive that this is one of the worst football cities in the NFL.

    Fans here do NOTHING but scream for people’s heads all the time.

    This team is CLEARLY REBUILDING- if you need them to come out and say it for you to believe it, than you are stupid.



    Why don’t you all try paying attention to the rest of the NFL and you might learn something about pro football.

    It is “plane” to “sea” as the ignorance of many Tampa “fans”.