Bruce Almighty’s Hire And Chucky Rumors

December 17th, 2009

Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of discusses the implications of Redskings owner/tyrant Danny Snyder hiring Bruce Almighty and the expected connecting of the dots to Chucky.

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3 Responses to “Bruce Almighty’s Hire And Chucky Rumors”

  1. mpmalloy Says:

    Do it Coach Gruden!!!

    Imagine your intellect and work ethic backed by Snider’s money!?
    If you can get Snyder to stay in his office and not mess with the
    team, you and Bruce build the new Saints in Washington!

    I know you have the master blurprint/plan !!!

    …sigh…….at least someone survives this carnage we’re
    living through in Tampa right now.

  2. justin Says:

    ….. Two word ….. Al davis…. I don’t see gruden wanting to work for a tyrant like he use too and I believe bruce allen let his own love for the redskins blind him

  3. George C. Costanza Says:

    This is Allen’s chance to prove that Dexter Jackson really does have 2nd Round Draft Pick potential, eh.