Bruce Allen’s Name Swirling In Washington

December 17th, 2009
Allen, man, you get me $7.5 million, Ike Hilliard and a house next to Dick Cheneys, and Im there.

"Allen, man, you get me $7.5 million, Ike Hilliard and a house next to Dick Cheney's, and I'm there."

Team Glazer might be a little excited this morning.

Jay Glazer (no relation), of FOX Sports, one of the most reliable NFL reporters around, is reporting the Redskins are talking to former Bucs general manager Bruce Almighty about their new vacant position of VP of Football Operations.

The guy previously in that job, Vinny Cerrato, quit this morning.

Redskins coaches were told the team is now in talks with former Bucs and Raiders head honcho Bruce Allen to replace Cerrato, has learned.

Does anyone believe that Bruce Almighty (currently on the Bucs payroll) would go to Washington and not offer Chucky (currently on the Bucs payroll) a huge contract to coach the Redskins?

As Bucs fans know, if that scenario played out, the Glazers might be much more inclined to send Raheem The Dream pakcing in favor of hiring Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, Mike Holmgren or Bill Parcells to run the Buccaneers.

UPDATE 10:15 AM:, via Adam Schefter of ESPN, is reporting the Redskins have hired Allen. …There are unconfirmed reports that Brian Glazer is buying pizza for everyone at One Buc Palace today.

2 Responses to “Bruce Allen’s Name Swirling In Washington”

  1. JerrJenn2 Says:

    Done Deal….So I guess he’s off our payroll.

  2. ChuckInJax Says:

    I guess we can afford a REAL HC now?! Joel, “Radio, I’ve got good news and bad news…The good news is the defense is all yours! The Bad news? You need to change offices, because your new boss’ stuff just arrived…”