Browns Helped Out Bucs

December 11th, 2009

As Joe is confident all real men witnessed in the comfort of their own living rooms on the precious NFL Network, with their stunning win in arctic-like Cleveland last night, the Browns helped the Bucs in their quest for defensive lineman/beast Ndamukong Suh by knocking off the Steelers last night.

That means the Bucs are now tied with the lowly St. Louis Lambs with 1-11 records in the race for the No. 1 draft pick.

Just a quick look at the obstacles for both the Bucs and Lambs the rest of the way.

vs. Jets
at Seahawks
at Saints
vs. Falcons
at Titans
vs. Texans
at Cardinals
vs. 49ers

Both teams can easily lose all of their remaining games.

Joe is crossing his fingers.

9 Responses to “Browns Helped Out Bucs”

  1. MonteK Says:

    Joe, it’s not a good think wishing we will lose’em all. I think though we got a goot shot agains the Jets on sunday. Everybody right now is enamored with Suh, but there is another guy who will be what we need at the DT position. I don’t want to have the first oveall pick. No way. I want to win

  2. justin Says:

    The problem is I can see the bucs winning too of those games so do we try to trow games on purpose

  3. the_buc_realist Says:

    lol,lol,lol. Justin, have you not been watching the bucs! What are bucs going to turn into a better team flying all the way to Seattle. Look the only 2 times the Bucs had a pass rush, was the Greenbay and Atlanta games. Their O-lines were so beat-up and Guys out that the Bucs Actually had a pass rush. Look I will watch the last 4 Buc games. But at least I know it will be an excercise in futility

  4. Al Says:

    I hope the rams choose a quarterback with their pick. Also what is up with Joe plugging NFL Network?

  5. Jeff Says:

    If we have the top pick, negotiate the contract ahead of time like rules allow.
    Rams would take Suh and take a FA QB (Jason Campbell).

  6. Chris Says:

    We’ll be ok if we both lose. Based on the strength of schedule tiebreaker we’d be ahead of the Rams.

  7. Joe Says:


    Also what is up with Joe plugging NFL Network?

    There are certain high-quality things in life that Joe needs not “plug;” Rachel Watson and the NFL Network are among them.

    The NFL Network is so top-notch, Joe will go as far to say one is not a truely informed football fan without the NFL Network.

    Joe is also adamant that, to paraphrase noted French philosopher René Descartes, I have NFL Network therefore I am a man.

    Only a hausfrau or a yenta would willing subject themselves to a low-rent, slovenly cable outfit that forces every friggin’ shopping channel known to the free world down subscribers’ throats as well as some cheesy-assed “news” channel that features such breaking news stories as a brand new swingset in a Brandon city park and regurtitates this pap 18 times a day.

    What’s the weather outside? Same as it was five minutes ago!

    Real football fans would never stoop to such an inferior product. It would be like passing up Caybrew for some nasty pilsner beer brewed in Wisconsin.

  8. Al Says:

    No NFL Network and no Caybrew make Joe go something…something..something….CRAZY!!!!

  9. Matt Says:

    BTW, we are currently BEHIND the Rams in SoS. We’d get the #2 pick right now. We have a few games to make up against them before the season ends. We need to hope the NFC South starts losing and the NFC West starts winning.