Bill Cowher To Bucs “Very, Very Possible”

December 30th, 2009

In perhaps the strongest indication that Bill Cowher may be the Bucs next coach next season, “The Professor,” John Clayton of BSPN all but states Cowher is coming to the Bucs.

In this video, Clayton spells out that Cowher wants to come to the Bucs. So much so that if Cowher is not named the Bucs head coach, he will remain in broadcasting.

Mind you, Clayton is a Pittsburgh native and former Steelers beat reporter who keeps close ties to both (Joe even met Clayton by chance at a Pirates home game a couple of years ago when Joe was visiting Pittsburgh) so it’s possible Clayton has a pipeline to Cowher, who Clayton interestingly referred to as “Bill.”

Clayton ended the video by saying, “Cowher Power… The Chin to Tampa Bay? It’s very, very possible.”

2 Responses to “Bill Cowher To Bucs “Very, Very Possible””

  1. Justin Says:

    Can’t wait to see Raheem try to spin this!

  2. Paul Wiezorek Says:

    I really hope not. I don’t see that going well at all.