Another Rumble Raheem Doesn’t Love His Job

December 14th, 2009

“It was one of the few times this year that I enjoyed being a head coach.” — Raheem Morris.

Raheem The Dream uttered this phrase tonight on his Monday night Total Access show on 620 WDAE-AM. The head coach was asked about the Bucs’ successful onsides kick against the Jets on Sunday and opened with that response. 

It’s a very curious quote, especially when you consider Tanard Jackson’s comment last week to the St. Pete Times.

“He said he was getting a little bored as a head coach, and it’s good to see him back in the room, teaching like a position coach,” Jackson said of Morris. “I’m sure he’s having fun with it. If you know Raheem, you know he’s having fun doing it.”

So Raheem The Dream’s players are saying he wasn’t fulfilled as just a head coach. Now Raheem The Dream himself admits he’s rarely happy.

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in. When you don’t love your job, you’re not going to be successful.

16 Responses to “Another Rumble Raheem Doesn’t Love His Job”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    He is a very good young DB coach…..

  2. Louie Says:

    Well, maybe he’ll just quit and the Glazers will be forced to hire someone else.

  3. lightningbuc Says:

    Well, I’ve yet to enjoy him being a head coach!

  4. JoeMurgia Says:

    Obviously he likes to be hands on with the players. And being a DC AND head coach is the answer. No story here.

  5. RastaMon Says:

    …..then he won’t missed it….

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    Everybody hates losing. Raheem isn’t immune to it either. It’s really too bad he was given too much too quickly. He might have made a good coach in another 5 years or so. I just hope Freeman doesn’t get ruined in the process.

  7. FlBoy84 Says:

    You can’t fault the guy if he enjoys more of the teaching aspect of football as opposed to more of the day-to-day issues a HC has to deal with. And I don’t think you can blame him for taking the offer when it was made, even though he probably knew he had quite a bit to learn on the job.

    And I’m sure going to the grocery store, out for a drink, etc., definitely isn’t as fun as it was when he was first handed the keys. That kind of scrutiny would definitely wear on somebody.

  8. JK Says:

    Excellent way for Joe and his media buddies to admit they were wrong without actually admitting it, huh Joe. He’s bored and tired of being a head coach in the NFL. Happens every day. Please Mr. Glazerhouse, Put me somewhere else. This head coach thing is just to easy. I’m just not happy. However if I was happy we would win the Super Bowl. I can’t be successful because I’m not happy. Give me a Fu—– break!! Fire him, demote him, do anything with him. Get someone else NOW!! He IS a lost ball in high weeds. Anyone watching him can see that. They are regressing, not progressing. No improvement. No motivation. WAKE UP!!! I love the Bucs. We are rapidly heading for a repeate of 1976 if something isn’t done.

  9. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JK, C’mon, man. Joe will be the first to call for Raheem’s head as soon as Joe believes that 100 percent. The guy deserves a season, or nearly all of it anyway. The bottom line is that if the Bucs win two out of the last three and show some clear progress, then it’s going to be hard to pull the plug on Raheem no matter what’s transpired up til know.

    As you said correctly, they stink and there’s no real progress to be found, other than Raheem fixing a defense that he screwed up to begin with by agreeing to Jim Bates’ system.

    We don’t do anything weak over here. Joe will be the first to admit he never should have supported the Raheem hire if it gets to that point.

  10. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JoeMurgia – There may not be a story here, but the head coach is, in fact, out there sounding less than enthusiastic about being the head coach. That doesn’t happen every day. And if Raheem doesn’t love his job, that’s OK. Maybe he’s not cut out for it. No shame in that.

  11. JK Says:

    Two of the last Three! Are you kidding me! They will NOT win another game this season! You need to get away from your favorite watering hole and watch a game sober. Please quit trying to place blame on anyone but our greedy owners. Morris did his best. He is probably a nice person. He just wasn’t ready for this position. The assholes that own this team should have seen this. They only see bottom line with the schedule we have this year. All home games are big market teams that have local following. Glazerhouse will profit this year without us winning a game. Figure it out.

  12. Justin Says:

    I’ll agree with one thing JK said above: [Raheem] just wasn’t ready for this position.

    Whenever I’ve hear the man talk, I have been unimpressed with his process. The lines he cracks about “stats being for losers” make me upset. If Raheem doesn’t understand the statistical game, he has no place on a professional NFL staff. I appreciate the heart, but there needs to be reason to go along with it.

  13. big nick Says:


  14. DH Says:


    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying and I find it VERY ALARMING to hear ANY HC say something so STUPID in this media-saturated age, however if the Glazer’s are “cheap” or “greedy” as you say, then why would they fire Gruden and Allen right after they extended their contracts? Isn’t firing the G/A crew an act of spending more money in order to improve the team (albeit even if a mistake was made in that new direction)? Would you have been happier being saddled with Haynesworth (who didn’t play on his team’s 4th win this year)??? I know it’s been a rough season, but our draft was good. With 4 picks in the top 3 rounds I think the Bucs will be much improved next year. This week we missed having some key players…besides Winslow the rest of our offense is mediocre (especially the o-line)

  15. George C. Costanza Says:

    Coach talks too much. Needs public relations tutorial.

  16. Wayne Says:

    Joe, The Bucs do not have a chance in hell of beating either the Seahawks or New Orleans. The Glazers should pull the plug now and at least show the thousands of Buc fans that they are going to do something positive for a change. Pulling the plug may also be an enticement to a “legitimate” Head Coach because of our draft position, as well as the fact that there “is” some young talent on this team this year. But that talent has not be properly developed & coached.