After Further Review …

December 9th, 2009

Former Bucs defensive end Steve White isn’t just all about breaking down the defensive line play for readers every week.

He treats his own blog audience to Xs and Os and solid takes on everthing Bucs and more.

Today, White delivers his Good, Bad and Ugly picks for the Bucs against the Panthers. Greg Olson is among the “Bad.”

….Because the perception is that the coaching staff will rise and fall with Freeman’s performance the pressure is there to showcase him so to speak. The problem of course is that he is still a rookie and he is still going to be prone to making mistakes.

It’s precisely for that reason that you run the ball, particularly in the redzone, to take pressure off the guy. What you DON’T do is line up in shotgun on first down at the 20 or closer and try to chunk the ball around. For anybody reading this that ever wants to go into coaching, pay close attention to what I am about to say. If you want your redzone percentage to be close to 100% RUN THE GOT DAMN BALL IN THE REDZONE! And it wasn’t just that we didn’t run the ball, it was also that our power 0/counter play to our right with Jeremy Zuttah pulling play side was friggin killing the Panthers all day. Hell I am not sure that we got less than 3 yards on that play all day. Yet we get close to the endzone and instead of running the play that evidently the Panthers just can’t stop, we keep running slants and having Freeman throw into traffic where he tends to have problems as any rookie quarterback would.

White’s got many other takes and a chalkboard look at a play that hurt the Bucs defense Sunday. Joe recommends you check it out.

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