Who Was Jeff Faine Taking A Shot At?

November 14th, 2009

Bucs center Jeff Faine had a few curious comments yesterday while speaking with WQYK-AM 1010’s J.P. Peterson.

Faine talked about what great people both Josh Freeman and Sammie Stroughter are, and then remarked about the personalities of the current crop of Bucs rookies.

“I have to hand it to [Bucs general manager] Mark Dominik,” Faine said. “The character of the guys that were drafted this year is really good. They’re not a bunch of young punks.”

Faine went on to say this year’s rookie class is not a collection of players that veterans are close to only because they are teammates yet distanced themselves from off the field.

So just who was Faine throwing darts at?

Was it a shot at Bruce Almighty who didn’t factor in character when drafting players? Was it a stab at Chucky, who didn’t give a damn if a player was a felon so long as he could play football? Or were Faine’s comments indirect shots at Aqib Talib?

This is information Joe would like to know.

One Response to “Who Was Jeff Faine Taking A Shot At?”

  1. Jorge Says:

    Stir the pot Joe… Somethings bound to come up, right?