“We Are… Not A Good Football Team”

November 29th, 2009

Bucs veteran cornerback and overall good guy Ronde Barber was so upset and frustrated after the loss to the Dixie Chicks Sunday afternoon, he could barely talk.

He ended each of his sentences, heard live on the Buccaneers Radio Network, with deep sighs and often mumbling to himself as in disbelief.

In particular Barber was peeved over a cheesy five-yard penalty on cornerback Derrick Roberson that gave the Falcons a first-and-goal from the Bucs five when it should have been fourth-and-goal from the 10.

“To get a penalty away from the ball… [sighs]… whatever. I better not make any comments. I mean… [sighs]… whatever… [heavy sighs].

“Hey, [Falcons quarterback Chris] Redman has played in this league before. It was a Bucs type of game: bend but don’t break. it worked out for us most of the game. But they dialed it up to Gonzalez late [sigh].

“This one is very frustrating. It was our style of a game. I wish we could have found a way not to make it so exciting at the end.

“We are 1-10. We are obviously not a good football team.”

6 Responses to ““We Are… Not A Good Football Team””

  1. Paul Says:

    Its a nice facade. It looked like it was “a Bucs type of game”. But replay every game of the season with the Bucs team that showed up today and you got an 0-11 football team.

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    This team should be 0-11, they didn’t beat Greenbay, Greenbay beat Greenbay!

  3. aldo Says:

    well its true all that ronde says, but i gotta say that he is da man!! is just heart, passion, all a warrior!!! so glad to see the passion and the suffer from ronde about this team, he really feels all this situation, always thankful 2 u ronde!! HOF 4 sure!!

  4. Art Rawspine Says:

    Hey Ronde, I figured out how bad you guys were before camp.

  5. BucFandango Says:

    Well Ronde, I’d say you’re more like a Team that isn’t well coached. Ronde, you’re still one helluva player and the defense today showed signs of life again. Still in the running for Suh and the #1 pick. Raheem is history, don’t know when, but he will be fired. Too bad because he probably would have made a decent Defensive Coordinator. Everyone gets promoted to their level of incompetence and Raheem is no different. He is a 45 minute coach and just can’t make it 60 minutes without turning into a Pumpkin Head.

  6. BucForce Says:

    When you try and cover a Pro Bowler with a practice squad player, these things happen, Ronde. You can put lipstick on a pig, but deep down, it’s still a pig.