Tony Gonzalez Talks About Winning Drive

November 30th, 2009

The Falcons lost their starting quarterback. Their starting tailback. And as Dixie Chicks tight end Tony Gonzalez points out, two starting offensive linemen. Yet they were still able to drive from a short field to win.

Gonzalez explains how.

<a href=";brand=foxsports&#038;from=metadatawidget_en-us_foxpsorts_videocentral&#038;vid=4e6c3e4b-21e7-4050-a0db-024e3d01de92" target="_new" title="NFL on FOX: Falcons beat Bucs">Video: NFL on FOX: Falcons beat Bucs</a>

One Response to “Tony Gonzalez Talks About Winning Drive”

  1. JoeMurgia Says:

    Gonzalez didn’t explain jack.

    Missing Talib and playing an injured Mack and inexperienced Roberson is what did us in. Plus, the horrible three man rush.