The Problems With The Packers

November 5th, 2009

It’s time for Joe to start looking ahead to the Bucs next opponent, the Packers. While researching, Joe came across this tremendous video from — of all sources — the Green Bay Gazette! Tom Pelissero and Pete Dougherty provide both entertainment and a solid breakdown on the ills of the Packers.

Seems as though some in the land of cheese are upset that Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole with his 34 zone blitz defense where the Packers have historically been a 43 defense.

Hhhmmm? Where has Joe heard that before?

As for the video, now Joe is all too aware of the current state of the fourth estate. There really is no such thing as writers or producers any longer. To survive in this 21st-Century jungle, media types must be skilled at multitasking. Those that can’t, or refuse, have or will become roadkill.

This video may be the best Joe has ever seen from a gaggle of writers. Memo to the ink-stained wretches: This is how you do video, not some lazyassed, Max Headroom-type schlock that not even Joe would use. You guys are writers, be creative! You know, there’s a reason why NPR needs tax dollars to stay afloat.

John Cotey gets it! If he and Joey Knight can pull off solid video for prep sports, there’s no reason (other than sheer neglect and/or laziness) the same cannot be accomplished for the Tampa Bay area’s most important sports beat.

One Response to “The Problems With The Packers”

  1. Perplexed Says:

    Joe – Where is your columnist Bob Fox’s take on all this Green Bay vs Tampa Bay stuff ???

    I have seen his feature columns on this site many times before and there is no doubt this cat knows his stuff when it comes to the NFL, the Bucs and especially the Packers.

    I for one would like to get his take on this game, I figured you would have him all over this.

    Fill us in.