THE PESSIMST: Bucs Got What They Paid For

November 29th, 2009

THE PESSIMIST is a diehard Bucs fan whose negative writings appear occasionally on His views surely do not necessarily reflect those of Joe. However, Joe sure gets a kick out of them.

THE PESSIMIST is here to hang this loss squarely on the Glazers.

Now THE PESSIMIST knows Brian and Joel don’t call the plays, but they do call the shots in the offseason.

Thanks for investing in your team, fellas. Your frugal asses — when it comes to the Bucs — forced your overmatched head coach to run cornerback Derrick Roberson out on the Georgia Dome turf to replace Aqib Talib late in the game.

That’s the kind of depth you get when you’re about five miles under the salary cap: Derrick Roberson.

Derrick freaking Roberson, a guy with just a few plays of experience in his second season as an undrafted free agent out of Rutgers.

Nice. Thanks a lot. Thanks for caring.

So that’s the depth at cornerback you paid for, Glazers. And sure enough the guy makes a key holding penalty to set up Atlanta for the win.

Maybe Phillip Buchanon doesn’t make that play. But we’ll never now, will we.

Can’t wait for the offseason.

13 Responses to “THE PESSIMST: Bucs Got What They Paid For”

  1. Paul Says:

    I’m going to wait until after the offseason to make any judgement on this. This year’s FA market was pretty weak and even at that, they still tried to make some plays on some big name FA’s.

    Come next year with the better crop of FA’s and we still don’t address this teams talent issues…Then I’m not holding back and will seriously consider dropping my season tickets.

  2. Marlow Says:

    All hail to The Pessimist!

  3. lightningbuc Says:

    Paul, what the hell are you talking about. Pessimist is right on. I read earlier from Joe the Glazers are embarrassed w/ Raheem. They should be embarrassed of themselves. This team has had the lowest payroll by millions for the last 4-5 years, but the ticket prices remain one of the most expensive in the NFL. The only waiting list these days are for those who no longer want Bucs tickets. I’ve only heard from the Glazers once this year – and that was when a sports radio guy rubbed them the wrong way. They are a joke!

  4. Christian Says:

    First time commenter. Really great site Joe. Found you a few weeks back and check it out after the games. Mr. pessimist really nailed this. Give him a raise. The Glazers have handcuffed the team and it’s a game like this that magnifies it. I just hope they realize it. I think they’d fix it if they believed it.

  5. Louie Says:

    We may bitch constantly about Morris, but responsibliity for this abortion of a season lies squarely with the Glazers.

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    It was a BS call away from the play and the receiver was as guilty as he was. It was a typical game changing call by a dumbass Zebra that nothing to do with the play. Roberson played well and had 2 good breakups. I like this kid. i wish I could say the same for the coach. If they only would have promoted him the Defensive Coordinator and left well enough alone. Bu NOoooooo! Then we get Olie as an OC, who calls 2 good plays and then 6 bad. He is lost, She is lost, They are lost, It is lost. What a waste of a game, and complete incompetent coaching to deflate a valiant effort by the players.

  7. Paul Says:

    I’m sorry lightningbuc, maybe you can enlighten me by posting up some names we could have signed in FA.

    I’m not a Glazer Boy’s supporter by any means. I even said that the team went down when Malcolm had the stroke. That doesn’t mean that I can judge them on the cesspool that was last year’s FA market.

    All I’m saying is I’m holding judgment until after next off season’s strong FA period.

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    ok paul,

    T.J. Houshmandzadeh, could have made better offer to Albert Haynesworth, could have kept Jovan Haye, Jason Taylor. The Bucs are/were weak in many areas, so just because the FA market wasn’t as strong as in other years doesn’t mean some of the average FA’s still wouldn’t have been an upgrade to what they had. Also, everything I have read suggests that with 2010 having no salary cap, there will be significantly less free agents than normal.

  9. Joe Says:


    Thanks so much for the kind words and thanks for checking Joe out.

    If you like Joe on gamedays, you’ll love his content during the week. Don’t be a stranger.

  10. FlBoy84 Says:

    Paul, Leigh Bodden and his 5 picks this year is the first one that comes to mind.

  11. Paul Says:

    lightning, you must not have read but a few words on my first comment, because you would have seen that I said that they tried to make some plays on a few big FA names.

    You argued Housh, Haynesworth and Jason Taylor. Well, I remember Housh and Haynes neither one was interested in the Bucs, and that didn’t have to do with money. Jason Taylor is 35 and if they were trying to go with youth, then how could they cut DB and turn around and sign 35yo Taylor? So I can’t see your point there.

    Flboy, say’s Leigh Bodden and I have to say that I was hoping he would come down here, but if they did try to make a play on him, I could see why he’d pick the Pats over the Bucs.

  12. FlBoy84 Says:

    There were a few guys out there that could’ve helped us this year, but it seems pretty obvious that the FO was only interested in going after guys that fit their budget (other than Albert & Vilma). Dominik made it pretty clear the Bucs weren’t going to overpay for guys while they still had so many unknown quantities on their roster (then he turns around and signs Clayton). LOL

  13. PL Says:

    Malcom Glazier is a cheap SOB! He cares NOTHING about the Bucs just like Culverhouse did NOT! Glazier went to school with me in Brighton, NY, a ritzy suburb of Rochester, NY, and attended Monroe High School with me back in the 1940’s. He made all his money by being a Slum Lord by buying up as many crappy trailer parks in the Rochester area and overcharged monthly lot rents to the elderly. He is in it for his sons and himself. He used the Bucs as a spring board to buy the Soccer team he owns across the pond! Don’t waste your money on his over priced tickets to see an inferior product on the field. He got rid of a stellar Coach Jon Gruden who won a Super Bowl and many other players so he could avoid shelling out big bucks. He is cheap and Jewish like me. In high school we called him “Squeaky.” Can you say TIGHT WAD? He did not have to knock down the “Ole SOMBRERO” and turn it into a parking lot as there was nothing wrong with it except he did not have enough LUXURY BOXES there and wanted MORE to MAKE ALOT MORE MONEY! You can’t change the stripes on a zebra! Good luck Mr RIPOFF CITY!” You are still cheap!!