Sileo’s Nonsense Should Not Mute Local Radio

November 3rd, 2009

One of Joe’s favorite Bucs beat writers, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, had an interesting “Twit” yesterday on the TBO Bucs Twitter page.

Last week Joe wrote extensively how WDAE-AM 620 morning host Dan Sileo, who has a track record of playing with the truth, was suspended for spouting misinformation about the Glazer family’s finances and the prospects of selling the team.

Kaufman hints there will be collateral damage on local sports radio.

Joel Glazer’s blistering response to Dan Sileo’s report on the family’s finances could have a chilling effect on local sports radio.

As an avid sports radioaholic, Joe wishes eye-RAH! would have been more detailed. Joe doesn’t see Joel Glazer’s response as being “chilling” at all.

From Joe’s understanding of some of the details about the Bucs agreement with WDAE, let’s just say from a journalist’s standpoint, the Bucs requirements for WDAE, the team’s flagship station, are fair.

What Sileo did last week on the air not only wasn’t fair, it was beyond the pale. As Glazer himself wrote in a statement released last week, it bordered on “slanderous.”

Compared with the contract Clear Channel had with that monster Vince Naimoli, the former managing partner of the (nee Devil) Rays, and his brownshirt, brutish if not outright despicable tactics towards the fourth estate, the Bucs contract with WDAE is downright libertarian.

How exactly was — or will — Glazer’s missive “chilling” to stations not associated with the Bucs? Would this statement by Glazer somehow silence J.P. Peterson? Would this statement somehow force Nancy Donnellan to be a cheerleader?

Of course not.

In fact, Joe fully endorses if not encourages any Glazer statement that would torment the douchebag in the afternoon that can’t pull a 0.1 rating.

All the Bucs ask for is for people to be fair in reporting, which, at worst, is reasonable.

8 Responses to “Sileo’s Nonsense Should Not Mute Local Radio”

  1. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    I agree with Kaufman. Since the Glazers came out with their threat, 620 hasnt been the same. I think their call screening has been amped up to filter any anti-Glazer stuff, even Duemig seems “oh-well”, ref the Bucs, and shifted his focus to Lightning, Magic, College Ball. This may be related to the bye week, but we will see. Since Glazers have a business relationship with the media (Clear Channel, Tampa Trib), in this economy who will sacrifice a contract/job for real reporting on a team that is going to do 1-15 or 0-16, and is not pulling the ticket sales? No one.

  2. Joe Says:

    BucFan South Tampa:

    Trust me, the Bucs partnership with the Tampa Tribune has not silenced the Tampa Tribune in any way. The Tribune/Media General paid the Glazers to be a Pewter Partner, not the other way around. There’s no hush money there.

    If anything, given the current state of newspapers, Media General is likely regretting coughing up the cash to be a “Pewter Partner.” If, for whatever reason, the Bucs and Media General disolved their Pewter Partner contract, there would be no tears shed on Parker Street.

    Joe did not hear “The Big Dog” talk about the Magic. The NBA (thankfully) is not in “The Big Dog’s” wheelhouse.

    Also remember there was a live Lightning game during “The Big Dog’s” show yesterday, and the NHL has always been close to “The Big Dog’s” heart.

  3. Pete Says:

    No longer listen to WDAE. The morning show is bland and uneventful since Sileo was suspended, Ron and Ian talk about to much other than sports, and Duemig while not bad is only really interesting in the first hour.

    While I like some of the younger talent (Sharp edge show and the Blitz) they aren’t on enough or during the week when I would like to listen to sports radio.

    No interest in Rome so even the national show is of no value.

    1010 is almost unlistenable. The talent at 1010 is not good and they don’t do the little things.

    The state of journalism in both sports and politics is awful these days.

  4. Sgt Mike Says:

    F#%k the Glazer boys. Put up or shut up. If you are not in financial trouble then prove it by fielding a competitive team. Pay for a good Experienced coach. Come out looking like you have a plan. While I understand that you can’t buy a super bowl. Being 30 to 40 million dollars under the cap for years means you don’t give a shit or you are in trouble. Keep up the good work Sileo. Conspiracy theorist unite and push the Glazers out into honesty. I dealt with Joel as a sales mgr with Sound Advice in the 90’s. He is a cheap bastard. Always wanted a discount on the lost leader no mark up equipment and was an asshole about it. Definitely a Douchebag. Hopefully Dumig goes after them as well.

  5. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    At the risk of being sued by Joel “Let me Show You How to Destroy a Football Franchise” Glazer, did 970AM ever publish their followup story on the Glazers? Remember the same day that Sileo made his report, Harris over at 970AM said they had some info on that same issue. Then Glazers came down with their threat and everyone clammed up including Harris. Oh yeah, 970 is Clear Channel. Clear Channel has their contract with the Glazers.

  6. Joe Says:

    BucFan South Tampa:

    The West Virginia hillbilly with a bad thesaraus was just glauming off of Sileo, not unlike what the St. Petersburg Times did. Mongo Sileo claimed — in a real cheap 1950s radio teaser that, frankly, that trained puppy Mike Greenberg actually pulls off much better each day — he was going to spill more beans on his next show.

    Joe’s really biting his tongue now (which Joe is not good at) out of respect to his good friends at Clear Channel and will quit typing in this reply before Joe gets in trouble.

  7. Roadsoa Says:


    I know you said you quit typing on this thread, but wanted to say great Nanci Donnellan reference! I always loved the Babe, and she pulled top quality guests. When her son Garth was on with his NHL takes it almost made you crash your car. I’ve always enjoyed the hosts who didn’t take themselves too seriously (re: The Sports Animal’s afternoon spots) in lieu of shows like the Babe’s and Tony Bruno’s. Keep up the good work, brutha.

  8. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the kind words and, judging by your e-mail address, thanks so much for your service.

    Nancy has always been good to Joe and Joe considers her a friend.