Raheem The Dream Running Out Of Fingers

November 28th, 2009
Dont worry Donald. Youll never be my scapegoat.

"Don't worry Donald. You'll never be my scapegoat. I'm working defense-only now."

It appears Brad Biggs of the NationalFootballPost.com is no fan of Raheem the Dream.

In a scathing article, Biggs calls out Raheem the Dream for blaming everyone but himself and suggests Raheem the Dream has put himself in front of the NFL guillotine by his own mistakes.

Raheem Morris played the blame game again, forcing defensive coordinator Jim Bates to walk the plank in Tampa Bay, the second coordinator he’s ousted since August. A day after the Buccaneers were blown out 38-7 by the New Orleans Saints, Morris rid himself of one of the problems in the team’s 1-9 start. The belief is that the Bucs will return to their Tampa Two roots that Bates trashed when he arrived—under the guidance of Morris.

Now, the head coach who had never been a coordinator before will be the head coach and the coordinator. Got it? It’s a gutsy move by Morris but eventually these are the kinds of moves that gets the coach canned. Morris fired offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski in August and promoted quarterbacks coach Greg Olson. It’s unclear if the original hires were made solely by Morris or if general manager Mark Dominik was also heavily involved.

In short, Biggs suggests that Raheem the Dream has put himself on an island. Any and all mistakes from now until the end of the season will fall squarely in Raheem the Dream’s lap. No more coordinators are left to oust.

4 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Running Out Of Fingers”

  1. Jolly Rodger Says:

    I believe at the end of last season, the Glazer boys wanted to insert more influence and be more of a hands on, day to day ownership. When Gruden told them that it aint gonna happen on his watch, they ended his watch.

    Naturally, they could not hire a big name who would also tell them where to stick their football advice, so they went out and got a couple of inexperienced, young guys that would be happy to just get the job. Thus making them more accepting of the Glazers’ will.

    I belive that Raheem Morris would have been more conservative in his approach to changing the team. I do not believe he would have cut a player like Derrick Brooks, or changed the defensive philosophy that he was weened on and grew with and it has been documented that he wanted to hire Greg Olsen as OC but was given Jagz, the guy the Glazers and Dominik wanted.

    So I would not be so quick to jump on Morris’s back for decisions that he may well did not have any part in.

  2. Tye Says:

    Pull the lever on that NFL guillotine and let’s insert a NEW Leader!(A WINNER!)

  3. Larry Says:

    Jolly Rodger, that is a point that I hadn’t thought about and it makes sense to me but wouldn’t the Glazers have been more vocal during this season? You know showing some kind of support to the FO? The way the haters are clamoring for a FO change could be eliminated with a few words of support in the past several weeks. As in a comment to one of the fishwraps about giving Morris & Dominick a couple of years to effect their changes.

  4. Louie Says:

    Jolly Rodger, it appears there is a lot of merit in your theory. It seems the Glazers have been very much involved in the day-to-day decisions — Morris has hinted as much in some of his press conferences.

    I personally believe Gruden/Allen were fired because they were going to spend the cap money. Allen said they were going to spend that money and a week later they were fired. So, the Glazers put people in charge that they could manipulate.

    I pray the Glazers have learned their lesson after this abortion of a season and hire some experienced football people, then get the hell out of the way.