Players Say Keep The Throwbacks… If They Win

November 5th, 2009

Joe can’t blame Bucs players for wanting to cling to anything that gets them their first win.

Even if that means wearing the throwback orange and white uniforms for another game, or more. 

Earnest Graham, during a Tuesday interview on 1010 AM, said he and some teammates believe Bucco Bruce should make more than a cameo, assuming the Bucs knock off the Packers on Sunday.

“We’ve actually been talking about if we won would we be able to keep playing in those [creamsicle] uniforms? I definitely would hope so,” Graham said. “I definitely would hope that if we won, we just of course could keep the uniforms on as a bit of luck. So we’re definitely looking for it, to winning the game. And if we win, keep the uniforms on. Definitely.”

Joe’s on board. Whatever works.

Besides, maybe that would cheer up Jim Bates.

One Response to “Players Say Keep The Throwbacks… If They Win”

  1. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    I agree. Have you noticed how every other game, the NY Jets have those Titans of New York uniforms on? Denver Broncos are also wearing those ass-brown ugly uniforms as well. I know it is to honor the 50th anniverary of the AFL..I say lets keep Bucco if we can swing a win on Sunday. For some strange reason, I and some of my friends think “this is the week”.