Nothing Worse Than “Who Dat” Chants

November 23rd, 2009

If you’re up for some more depression, courtesy of your favorite football team, you can click on this link from the Times-Picayune, the main newspaper out of New Orleans.

The story is largely about how Saints fans are traveling with their undefeated team. And they filled plenty of good seats yesterday at the CITS.

“It felt like a home game out there,” Saints defensive back Usama Young said.


2 Responses to “Nothing Worse Than “Who Dat” Chants”

  1. james from dunedin Says:

    What comes around goes around. I went to a Bucs road game in NO back in 2004 and the whole upper deck of the Super Dome was full of Bucs fans.

  2. Snook Says:

    People are so dumb. I love how teams and fans all of a sudden think their fan base is so incredible when they’re winning games. Half of those Saints fans at Ray Jay were wearing Bucs gear in ’02…