NFL Network Previews Bucs-Dolphins

November 14th, 2009

By the time you are reading this, Joe will be awash in Caybrew and college football. Joe, however, always remembers his loyal readers so Joe is bringing you videos from NFL Network previewing the Bucs-Dolphins.

First up is a preview produced by the solid work of NFL Films. Also there is an interview of Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter talking Bucs.

Former Broncos cheerleader and current NFL Network analyst Michelle Beisner counts down the top 10 highlights of last week’s games and Josh Freeman is No. 5.

Scott Smith of Buccaneers Insider takes a look at the Bucs kickoff coverage unit which Smith cites as possibly the most overlooked element of the Bucs solid special teams.

From the enemy,, is a breakdown on the health of the Dolphins and a look at the Bucsfrom Dolphins head coach Tony Sporano (“Paulie, this information better be right. You give me the news as if I was Jesus Christ himself.”)

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