New Bucs Helmet Logo?

November 12th, 2009

Joe — and earlier his hcckey crazed sister Amanda— are getting stylish today about the Bucs uniform.

Seems as though someone named Ken Carbone writing for something called has a problem with the Bucs helmets. So he decided to tinker with them.

Carbone is a fashion designer by trade, so he likely is not a football fan. So Carbone decides to go high school and redesign the Bucs helmet.

Joe can sum this up in one quick four-letter word: Fail.

I amplified the “Jolly Roger” feature of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet to make it more telegenic while retaining the overall team color scheme.

Too much white on a potential illegal logo. Please remember that when the Bucs redesigned the helmet logo, Al Davis and the Raiders freaked out claiming copyright infringement.

Besides, when Joe looks at that logo that Carbone came up with, he can’t help but think of the Boca Ciega Pirates which the helmet is a virtual carbon copy of.

2 Responses to “New Bucs Helmet Logo?”

  1. nick Says:

    During the throwback game, I wore a red had with the orange shirt that they gave out. I caught a glimpse at myself in the mirror and thought, Hey this looks like it could work. If the Glazers refuse to bring back the orange, maybe they could go with a hybrid orange, red and pewter mix. Keep the current helmet, get a flashy orange top with white pants. Or mix in the Bucco Bruce helmet with red shirts. A little mix and match deal. We’re getting crazy now.

  2. Dave O Says:

    What a ripoff! Thats just one of the generic team logos used in the Madden/NCAA video games.