Morris Put His Bucs Future On The Line

November 28th, 2009
Joe remembers Raheem The Dreams first two major decisions on defense: moving Jermaine Phillips to linebacker and hiring Jim Bates.

Joe remembers Raheem The Dream's first two major decisions on defense: moving Jermaine Phillips to linebacker and hiring Jim Bates to install the defense.

Make no mistake. Sunday’s game in Atlanta is critical to the future of Raheem The Dream.

The Jim Bates defrocking can be looked at many different ways, but two things are very clear about the move:

1) Raheem The Dream is sure he can do better — right now — with the Bucs defense.
2) Raheem The Dream believes he is the best defensive coordinator for the Bucs moving forward.

So what if the Bucs don’t improve on defense over the last six games?

Raheem The Dream will have proven that he’s not capable of improving a unit he’s familiar with intimately, and that he’s the wrong guy for the D-coordinator job in 2010 and beyond.

Remember, Raheem The Dream didn’t label himself interim defensive coordinator after kicking Bates to the curb. He’s the guy. And he’s damn happy about taking full control, reports Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

“It’s kind of your strength, and it’s kind of what I missed, being a head coach, to be honest with you,” Morris said after running the Bucs through a nearly two-hour workout Thanksgiving morning. “(I had) to be a director and the general and the leader and the manager (but) now I can pick up another title and be back on the field and be hands-on again.”

Joe suspects the Glazers are not about to let Raheem The Dream and Mark Dominik go coordinator-shopping in the offseason if the head coach can’t bring the Bucs up from putrid to below average on defense.

This is it for Raheem The Dream.

If he can’t perform better than Jim Bates, then what good is he?

4 Responses to “Morris Put His Bucs Future On The Line”

  1. J Lynch says Says:

    This dick has no future..Assistant secondary coach thats his claim to fame

  2. gnorb Says:

    Joem can you tell me whether there’s ever been which was successful where the head coach took it upon himself to also be defendive (or foor that matter, offensive) coordinator? If I recall correctly, the last Bucs head coach to attempt the feat was Sam “5 dash 2” Wyche, who was not only the offensive coordinaqor, but simply offensive in general. (We ended that season 6 – 10, right?) Dunno if anyone else has tried sice, league-wide.

  3. gnorb Says:

    (Pardon the typos. Doing this via phone)

  4. Joe Says:


    No problem man. Joe has the same issue with his blackberry.

    In short, Chucky was both head coach and offensive coordinator. There have been several coaches that have worn both hats.