Knock Off The WWE Schtick!

November 23rd, 2009

Joe has absolutely nothing against Chris Hovan. Nothing. He’s a standup guy.

The few times Joe has spoken with Hovan, the Bucs defensive tackle has always been pleasant and kind to Joe. So this is not a jab at Hovan, the person.

Joe, as he is wont to do first-thing to start the week, is to read Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column on King had an interesting nugget on Hovan.

Nice camera work, FOX, at Tampa Bay, showing professional-wrestler-lookalike Chris Hovan putting eye-black on his young son on the field before Bucs-Saints.

Isn’t this facepaint nonsense getting a bit juvenile? Look, it’s one thing if Hovan and his teammates were competing or dominating. Then putting on the facepaint and pretending to be Animal or Chief Osceola would be kind of cool in a weird way.

But the way the Bucs defensive line is getting bitchslapped, well, this facepaint stunt is a joke.

“Yeah, man. I’m going to put the warpaint on and go to battle! This facepaint really brings out the warrior in me! Instead of getting thrown back five yards, I’ll only get blasted off the line three yards play after play after play after play like a ragdoll that’s been chewed up by the neighbor’s mongrel. Oh, YEAH!!!”

Stop! STOP IT! Stop it now! Enough with the facepaint. Worry about your job first and when you start doing that properly, then you can go all Ultimate Warrior on the NFL.

Until then, leave the makeup to the lady who got her face eaten by a monkey.

9 Responses to “Knock Off The WWE Schtick!”

  1. sgw94 Says:

    So you are ripping a guy over a moment he shared with his kid? Really? All I can say is WOW. It might be time to back away from the computer. Seriously

  2. CharlieB Says:

    On top of what Steve said, football is very much characterized as a mental game. Something that’s as simple as putting on black paint, if it gets him into the game, is something to allow to continue. Ya, the D-Line is playing like crap, but I doubt the minute or two tops he spends putting on paint before the game affects his ability to get leverage in the game.

  3. JerrJenn2 Says:

    I do think its neat to see him put eye black his son. But his paint is supposed to be a tribute to John Randall, and his play has been an insult to Randall’s greatness. Hovan couldn’t carry Randall’s jock strap. Man do we need some new defensive tackles. Hovan and Sims, looked like they were wearing roller skates.

  4. Louie Says:

    Joe, of all the things you could legitimately complain about and you pick face paint???!!! I love seeing Hovan wear the face paint and I think it’s great he’s sharing that moment with his kid. I guarantee you, those special moments will be ones his son remembers most when he grows up.

    Trash Bates and the lack of execution by the TEAM — not Hovan and his face paint. Geezz.

  5. Matt Says:

    Yea Joe, you’re a bit off on this one…

  6. BigBucBossRoss Says:

    Right on Joe! The whole painting faces with his kid has its feel good parts but in all reality Hovan should be on the first bus out of the bay area. his play since he has been here has been average at best. The guy is all hype and no play. Between the face paint and all of his dancing around on the field during breaks I have had enough. This guy has been overrated since he got in the league. He brings no pressure in the middle and is a below average run stopper. This gut needs to focus in on football. Use the energy in the film room, weight room, practice, and most of all on game day.

  7. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the kind words.

  8. Greg Says:

    Joe, you’re off base with this article just like you were last week with the article wanting Arron Sears to talk about what was wrong with him. Stick to what Louie said, keep blasting ineffective Jim Bates and his stupid “schemes”.

  9. jklynn Says:

    Seriously? He was sharing a special moment with his son… don’t be jealous joe! You wish you were half the man Hovan is. don’t you have anything better to write about?! You have some good stories on your site sometime… but this wasn’t one of them.