Josh Johnson Is… Jay Cutler?

November 16th, 2009

Peter King of claims bratty Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has played no better than Bucs career backup Josh Johnson.

Joe has already written about how happy he is that Bucs general manager Mark Dominik failed to land bratty quarterback Jay Cutler.

In the long history of the Bears often poisoned by some of the most horrid quarterbacks known to man (Rick Mirer, Bobby Douglass, Kordell Stewart and Mike Tomczak spring to mind), Cutler is on pace to set a Bears franchise record for interceptions.

Peter King of was so horrified watching Cutler throw five interceptions against the 49ers, King claimed Cutler, who the Bears traded their starting quarterback and two first round draft picks to acquire, was no better than a “career backup.”

Goat of the Week
Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago.

I hear the natives in the Loop are beyond restless, and they’re not naming sandwiches after Trader Jerry Angelo anymore. Cutler has been at his worst in prime time — 12 night quarters on national TV, 11 interceptions — including the five-interception game at San Francisco on Thursday night. There’s no question Cutler’s not alone in the Chicago blame game; his offensive line is helping kill the Bears offense. But a couple of Cutler’s Thursday night interceptions, such as the one on the 49ers goal line to nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin, were absolutely careless, the kind of throws you see from a Josh Johnson. Very bad sign. Oh, and the next game is in prime time. At home. Against Philly. Wear a fur coat, Jay. Reception will not be warm.

Joe will state again: The best move Dominik made in the offseason was “failing” to land Cutler.

6 Responses to “Josh Johnson Is… Jay Cutler?”

  1. Larry Says:

    Wow, what has JJ done to get that kind of negative publicity from King?”

  2. Matt Says:

    Yeah, I scratched my head over that one too…

  3. aliyy Says:

    that dont even make sense comparing jj to cutler. Find something real to write about before you lose your readers.

  4. Kazi Says:

    LOL. …I’m sure Joe will lose all his readers because he quoted Peter King. Now I know how wars start.

  5. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    Different team, different games, there is no way you can say Cutler would have thrown that many if he was playing for the Bucs he could have thrown more he could have thrown less. What happened in Chicago has nothing to do with may or may not have happened here. Come on Joe you can do better than that.

  6. JK Says:

    Isn’t it great Joe! We can never sign anyone as a free agent and always talk about the bust that happen to every team from time to time and just keep plodding along. The Glazers will have 40 to 50 million extra they can spend on their kickball club and we can be proud sitting in last place knowing our owners didn’t take a chance on any one. Go BUCS !!! Cap Champions!!!!!