Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts

November 8th, 2009

* This running to the right won’t get the job done.

* Hello, Greg Olson, don’t run to the right!

* Stovall was open briefly for a touchdown but Freeman was rushed out of the pocket.

* Geez, can the Bucs buy a field goal?

* Ronde Barber with the blocked punt.

* Off the top of Joe’s head, that’s the second blocked punt in two seasons for Geno Hayes, and Hayes only played a handful of games last season.

* K.C. and the Sunshine Band is blaring out of the CITS public address system instead of Ozzy Ozbourne. Joe likes Ozzy but Joe finds Ozzy at the CITS very stale. Welcome change in tunes by the Bucs.

* If the Bucs are going to have a shot of winning this game — and it’s tied — the defense has to tighten up.

* Good protection on Jennings by Ronde Barber who was on Jennings like a blanket.

* Third down and six. Bucs need a stop, maybe some pressure perhaps?

* Geez, and when they do put pressure on Rodgers, the Bucs can’t get him on the ground. First down Pack.

* Good cutback by Grant against a swarming Bucs defense.

* At times, Joe sees better high school defenses against the run on Friday nights than what the Bucs just tried. Got the ball shoved up their rear ends for a massive gain.

* And then Donald Drive was so wide open most people would have called the Coast Guard because they are lost.

* Joe hears the cries of the Cheeseheads, “Go Pack go… go Pack go… “

(Column intermission: The Swashbuckler uniforms are rather, um, kind to Jamie Hanna. Binoculars are a great thing at football games.)

* Smart move to unload the ball by Freeman rather than risk a sack.

* Next play Freeman should have unloaded it but didn’t. Massive loss.

* Near disaster on the fumbled snap.

* Guess Olson decided to get some room for the punt team on the draw play.*

* Old school Van Halen on the CITS PA system, “Running with the Devil.”

* Thankfully some defense now that the Packers have a short field after the shanked punt.

* Stylez White and Roy Miller chase Rodgers, nearly a sack, forcing a throwaway by Rodgers.

* First time Joe remembers the old “Tampa… Bay… ” cheer by the crowd.

* Nice read by Barber on the draw play. Fourth down. Whew, about time for a solid defensive stand.

* Nice dump by Freeman over to Stovall.

* Freeman throws a rainbow into a crowd and Nick Collins picks  it off. When Freeman tossed that ball Joe feared it was picked off.  Only Joe Montana could get away with lofting passes like that and Freeman is no Montana.

* Joe thought Sabby Piscitelli was going to get whistled for having a hand on a receiver when he batted down a Rodgers pass.

* On the near-pick by Barber, the Bucs ran a stunt left and it was so freaking slow in developing Joe thought the Bucs were doing a walk-through.

* With 95 yards to go and just over two minutes left in the half, Joe’s now sure why the Bucs are running.

* Good play by Stovall except he did not get out of bounds.

* Nearly a bomb completed to Clayton, only a touch too much on the ball by Freeman.

* So far Stovall and Winslow are Freeman’s favorite receivers.

* Real nice run by Freeman for a first down.

* Great catch by Stovall but he couldn’t get both feet down.

* Winslow squirms his way to a first down catch.

* The CITS public address system blares “Jungle Love” by Steve Miller whenever the Bucs make a first down.

* Stroughter wiggles his way to a near first down. Maybe time for one shot before a field goal attempt.

* This is gutless football. You have 11 seconds left and you decide to kick a field goal instead of taking a shot at the end zone? Crazy!

4 Responses to “Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts”

  1. J Lynch says Says:

    D.M.F.E.T.B.A. Morris tangled up in his own headset wires on national tv what a fuck*ng idiot………….

  2. Charkh Says:

    You posted the same “thoughts” from the second quarter..

  3. Charkh Says:

    Wow, if that turns into the winning TD, Clayton just redeemed himself a bit imo.

  4. J Lynch says Says:

    About time for Clayton