Joe Can’t Pin Loss On Officials

November 16th, 2009

One of the reasons Joe hasn’t totally gone off on the zebras — though he is hardly absolving them — is that the Bucs had their fate in their own hands Sunday, despite the second quarter robbery.

Last time Joe checked, a guy lying on the ground on his back with the ball in his hands and a defender touching him is known in most football circles as a tackle.

Yet, some delirious official must have been watching Fabiola instead of the replay, because said zebra decided to give the Dolphins the ball deep in Bucs territory late in the first half.

The result was quick and predictable: Dolphins touchdown.

Joe doesn’t have to be Stephen Hawking to figure out that with that touchdown taken off the board, the Bucs win.

Not so fast my friend.

The Bucs made a great comeback in the second half and took the lead with under two minutes to play. They only needed a defensive stop. One!

Instead, the Phins ran through the Bucs defense like it was some two-bit high school defense. Even if one was to take away the gift touchdown by the referees, the Dolphins likely would have scored a touchdown and only needed a two-point conversion to tie the game.

No, Joe cannot pin the blame on the zebras.

The defense in the final minute? Yep, Joe is looking right at you Jim Bates.

One Response to “Joe Can’t Pin Loss On Officials”

  1. JK Says:

    Joe, Maybe you and I were looking at two different games. I think I remember a pass interference during that last drive that gave the Fins the ball at about midfield. The replay which was quick, to me, didn’t show any kind of contact. I disagree big time with you that the zebras didn’t affect the out come of the game. They almost always have a hand in the outcome of games. I don’t believe the fish got called for offensive holding all day. How many did we have?