“It’s Time Someone Slammed Down A Fist”

November 4th, 2009

Joe is not one to promote Bright House Networks, the evil empire that denies its viewers NFL Network.

But Joe knows Out House Networks has a nightly sports news show that occasionally delivers some quality, such as whenever Roxanne Wilder appears on the screen, or Justin Pawlowski or Jeff Carlson.

This time, it was St. Pete Times columnist Gary Shelton making intelligent points about Raheem The Dream’s “wild child,” Aqib Talib.

  • 4 Responses to ““It’s Time Someone Slammed Down A Fist””

    1. Sgt Mike Says:

      He is definitely right. The Bucs could be no worse without him. Do you think Tony Dungy would have put up with this behavior very long. Does anyone remember a promising young WR named Darnell McDonald. He had some road rage and uncerimoniously was cut. Given he wasn’t a high round pick with gauranteed money, none the less he was cut pretty fast by Dungy and his staff. I’m not suggesting he be cut just punished.

    2. jb Says:

      What is the deal with no NFL channel… Is Dim House ever going to get it?

    3. Joe Says:


      It’s quite simple. Of the five satalite/cable companies that serve the Tampa Bay area, only one — Out House Networks — pisses in the face of football fans on a daily basis.

      Yet they shove Crock Riley into your living rooms, whose salary is paid for by your monthly cable bill. Oh, and Joe loves the fact Out House has 99 analog channels on its “digital” cable offering. Ha!

      Years ago Joe went DirecTV. Not once has Joe regretted it. Not once!

      In short, if you are a sports fan, you are cheating yourself by not having DirecTV. And if you are a man, you will not have Out House Networks polluting your home.

      Real men have NFL Network; not that yenta channel Bay Sludge 9.

      Now if any representatives of DirecTV, Verizon FIOS, Knology or DISH Network happen to be reading this post, feel free to e-mail Joe at joe@joebucsfan.com and Joe will be happy to pimp daily for your product for modest compensation.

      That written, Shelton’s take is absolutely solid and hits it out of the park!

    4. justin Says:

      First off direct tv is awsome I have it secoundly someone needs to slam there fist down on the whole team they have no passion in the way they play for example remember that hit on clifton smith if I was on that team the secound half I would run faster hit harder and do everything I could to win…. Use the anger don’t supress it for cab drivers later