Is Josh Freeman Really Ready?

November 11th, 2009
Josh Freemans numbers passing from a shotgun formation were significantly better than his numbers taking the snap from center.

Josh Freeman's numbers passing from a shotgun formation were significantly better than his numbers taking the snap from center.

Joe is still geeked about the way rookie quarterback Josh Freeman played Sunday.

But Vacation Man of did some number crunching, well, a stat geek did it for him, and he came up with some alarming numbers on Freeman that Joe is confident Tony Sporano (“com’on Carm, I’ve been working with Sil at The Bing all day!”) will try to take advantage of.

Taking a snap from a shotgun formation, Freeman’s numbers were solid. He was 13 of 21 for 188 yards and three touchdowns without an interception.

Taking a snap from center, Freeman was Dilferesque, completing just 1 of 10 passes for 17 yards and an interception.

With three wideouts, Freeman was 7 of 12 for 121 yards. With just two wideouts, Freeman completed just 1 of 9 passes.

What’s this tell Joe? That Sporano (“I don’t know what you mean that I’m in the mafia Meadow? What are you trying to tell me little girl?”) will absolutely load up with eight or nine in the box to force the Bucs to max protect, which would force the Bucs to use just two receivers.

3 Responses to “Is Josh Freeman Really Ready?”

  1. CharlieB Says:

    There’s a great solution to those kind of blitzes that I’ve seen teams use more and more against blitz heavy teams. Put 3 receivers on one side and throw a screen to one of them, have the other two block (sounds perfect for Clayton and Stovall blocking for Stroughter). It’ll keep them honest if it gets a couple first downs, and its an easy pass to make.

  2. Matthew Says:

    I would love if they put 9 in the box and came with everybody. That would leave big plays for us in the passing game. He’ll get better from center, Shotgun is what his been in its what he knows. There are going to be some bad games. But what you saw on sunday was nice. Guys making plays for there QB, needing to make big time throws and making them.

  3. Pruritis Ani Says:

    It will be interesting to see how well Freeman can adjust now that a team has him on game film.

    I ll be the first to admit that my expectations of him were exceeded on Sunday. However, I am reserving the excitement for at least a few more games.. After all, career wise, the “Polish Rifle” won 3 games. haha