“I Think Morris Will Be Out.”

November 28th, 2009

Unless the Bucs have a drastic change in how the season is going, Vacation Man of BSPN is of the belief Raheem the Dream will not be back in 2010.

In a recent post on his NFC South blog, Vacation Man spells out his premise.


Chris in Columbia, SC writes: Pat, love the blog. Question: you have deep ties to Tampa and know the team pretty well. That said, do you honestly see them bringing in their third head coach in three years? I know Morris has been bad, and the circus at One Buc Place is beyond ridiculous, but can they honestly afford to do that? As much as I’d like to see it, and it would be better for the franchise, it doesn’t make sense to me personally from a realistic stand point.

Vacation Man: I still think there’s a decent chance that some things will start to click for the Bucs over the final six games and that would mean Raheem Morris stays and continues the rebuilding process into next year. However, I’ve got to be totally honest and say that if the final six games go like the rest of the season, I think Morris will be out. Yes, the Bucs still would be paying Jon Gruden, Morris and a new coach and that would be expensive. But can they afford to stick with Morris if there isn’t at least some hope on the horizon for this team? I live here in Tampa and see a fan base that’s incredibly down on this franchise right now. Understandable because the Bucs sure haven’t done much to encourage anyone this year.

Joe is still of the mind that if Chucky is still in the broadcast booth for BSPN, Raheem the Dream will still be on the sidelines for the Bucs.

Raheem the Dream’s best job security is Chucky’s unemployment.

6 Responses to ““I Think Morris Will Be Out.””

  1. Jason Says:

    These Morris posts are starting to get old…

  2. Paul Wiezorek Says:

    Think again. Morris will be back, and I think eventually successful.

  3. J Lynch says Says:

    Beat it Morris!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sgt Mike Says:

    I think that with all the talk of Shanahan meeting with Buffalo and the Browns talking with Holmgren(All be it as a pres/GM) and knowing that the Redskins will be heating up the coaches carousel soon, that the Bucs ownership may be getting a little trigger shy because they might fear that the type of coach they may covet will be gone if they wait too long. Although a longshot, I also think that Gruden will be on the sidelines next season in DC with Bruce almighty as his bunkmate. I think Gruden and Allen may be the only two crazy enough to take the job under Snyder and possibly Tame Snyder enough to quit messing with the Football side of the operation. With the talent that the Skins have on Defense that could make them competitive with a few minor patches on offense and a system like Grudens. This would undoubtedly ease the Glazers into getting rid of “The Nightmare and his band of Idiots”. Thus opening the path for the coach they desire and we need to change things in this land of crap football called Tampa. We need the kind of coach that brings competitiveness and a winning attitude back to Tampa. Cowher is my Favorite for this job and I think someone like Schottenheimer, while being an upgrade, would be more like the hiring of Sam Wyche in the early 90’s. They need to make Cowher and offer he can’t refuse.

  5. J Lynch says Says:

    We will new owners first then a new coach

  6. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    SHITenheimer? No fucking way! That guy sucks!