Glazers Approving The Big Plays

November 25th, 2009

Joe wrote about the spirited radio interview of esteemed Tampa Tribune NFL writer eye-RAH! Kaufman yesterday on 1040 AM.

But Joe didn’t reveal all the good stuff at once. He’s saved a couple of juicy nuggets.  

Asked whether the Jim Bates firing was approved by the Glazer Boys, Kaufman said the move certainly was.

“It’s run past the Glazers. Just like when Josh Freeman was put in the game in England,” Kaufman said.

That Freeman-England-Glazer comment by Kaufman made Joe sit up straight as if Jenn Sterger requested he help her shave.

Of course, it’s no surprise to hear the Glazers were in on the firing of yet another coordinator, but playing Freeman?

Raheem The Dream had to call Brian and Joel to get a rubber stamp on playing a quarterback? 

Are things that bizarre at One Buc Place?

Kaufman also said Raheem The Dream and Mark Dominik’s recent decisions are being scrutinized “at the upper levels” where it’s being asked, “Can we trust these guys?” and “If you can’t pick a coordinator, how can you pick a cornerstone [in the draft]?  It’s an open debate right now.”

4 Responses to “Glazers Approving The Big Plays”

  1. MTM Says:

    The Glazers are running the show. The lack of spending, the inexperience hirings. It has to start and end with ownership. How are so many mistakes made repeatedly and no one is held accountable. The scouting and drafting of players is beyond horrible. Just look at the last 2 yrs only of passed up picks. A. Peterson, Percy Harvin the list goes on.

    I am sure Joe could give a draft list of potential players the Bucs passed on. That would make Buc fans stomach turn.

    Nothing is going to change until the Glazers are not the owners or they put the right people in place and watch from the sidelines.

  2. FlBoy84 Says:

    You have to give the Glazers credit for bringing in Gruden & Allen, who won a SB and straightened out the salary cap mess left by McKay. And, if they wanted to go with a younger core and were rebuffed by Gruden & Allen, then I can see where a change in management was needed.

    However, it seems all of a sudden the Glazers think they’re qualified to RUN an NFL team, not just OWN one. That’s a scary proposition, with their lack of knowledge and experience in the area. The Bucs have a distinct Al Davis’ Oakland Raiders feel to them right now. An owner(s) who wants to make/have a hand in every decision, but is out of touch/lacking in experience to make the right calls. You would think these guys have plenty of other stuff on plate to keep them busy, other than playing with one of their toys (i.e. the Bucs).

  3. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    The for the Glazers to drop a Deuce – Dominic and Rah-rah

  4. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    Make that” Time” for the Galzers to drop an Deuce – Dominic and Rah – rah