Freeman Defends Late Third Down Call

November 29th, 2009

Bucs rookie quarterback Josh Freeman took a few moments after an awful loss to speak live on the Buccaneers Radio Network to talk about the game.

In particular, Freeman defended his offensive coordinator’s call on third down late in the game that proved mortal.

“From an offensive standpoint, we couldn’t get things going in the second half and that is why we lost,” Freeman said.

“When we had third down with three minutes to go (Derrick Ward running to the right for three yards on third-and-seven from the Falcons-36) was a good play call. We just have to find a way to get the yards when you need them and keep the chains moving.”

2 Responses to “Freeman Defends Late Third Down Call”

  1. Louie Says:

    Freeman is keeping to the company line, but nobody believes the run on 3rd and 7 would get a first down. You’re averaging less than 3 yards a carry on the day; the odds of getting 7 was pretty remote.

    Freeman had a nice game. No picks and a couple TD’s. However, he didn’t do anything to win the game. He is “the man”. People are starting to say he’s going to be better than Stafford and Sanchez, so that’s encouraging for the future.

  2. Marlow Says:

    The only 3rd and seven run play is a draw! Um, do we ever runs screens on 3rd and long like other NFL teams? The run games sucks!