Fake Punt Beyond Ridiculous

November 29th, 2009

Joe is having an absolute tantrum right now at Raheem The Dream calling for a fake punt.

C’mon, Rah.

You passed on a 55-yard field goal in a dome for Dirk Johnson to throw a pass? Are you nuts?

This is the fourth quarter. You’re winning. You’ve got a hot field goal kicker and great punt coverage teams. You’re defense is playing well.

This was a horrendous call. Go for the field goal or punt the ball. If you insist on going for it, wouldn’t Josh Freeman and the offense have been a better option?

5 Responses to “Fake Punt Beyond Ridiculous”

  1. J Lynch says Says:

    Morris is the D.M.F.E.T.B.A.

  2. aldo Says:

    DAMN!!!! no more raheem!!!! take this fucking asshole out of here!!!!!!!

  3. J Lynch says Says:

    ! and 10 nice record asswipe. Good job burning up those time outs when you could have got into fielkd goal range Maybe him and Jason Elam will be looking for work tomorrow. Stop with the high fives and jumping up and down and start packing your shit out of One Buc Place. D.M.F.E.T.B.A. Dumbest mother f@@cker ever to breathe air. I hope they make him hitch hike back to Tampa

  4. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Once again they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory 🙁 I hope this isn’t indicative of what my week will be like 🙁

  5. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    Hey the fake punt is a good call; have you noticed how bad Dirk Johnson’s punts are?
    I have been calling for his head since the first week. He is incompetent beyond belief.
    Boy do we miss Bidwell. The fake punt was a reflection of this turkeys inability to put any hang time on the ball.