Dismal Defense On Verge Of Another Record

November 23rd, 2009

Already this morning Joe brought you the news about the brutal Bucs defense and its disgusting new franchise record.

At the rate the Bucs allow offenses to manhandle them up front, the Bucs are approaching another putrid record, so notes eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune via the TBO Bucs Twitter account.

The Bucs have already allowed 22 TD passes, seven less than the team record of 29 set in 1989, when Ray Perkins stalked the sidelines.

It would help the Bucs pass defense if the front line could flush a quarterback, say, once a game. With the exception of the win over the Packers (and the worst offensive line in football), opposing quarterbacks have so much time against the Bucs’ weak defensive line, they can order a pizza and still have a clean uniform when the delivery guy shows up.

3 Responses to “Dismal Defense On Verge Of Another Record”

  1. Louie Says:

    Oh, that records is going DOWN — it’s not even going to be close. That record will be broken in just three games: Atlanta (twice) and New Orleans. The other games will just pad the record.

    What a JOKE!

  2. safety Says:

    That was such a drubbing, it’s hard to believe that we can stop anyone just running the ball right through us.
    We make opposing offenses look too damn good.

  3. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Bates looks lost.