Defense Improving Despite Big Numbers, Big Plays

November 9th, 2009

Hard to believe the Bucs could allow 404 yards to the Packers and get pounded by Green Bay in the running game, plus allow two big plays for touchdowns in passing game, yet still look like they’re improving on the defensive side of the ball.

Joe’s not sure what that all means. But it’s got to get better.

At least the Bucs had some 3-and-outs and interceptions in the second half to build on going into Sunday’s game in Miami.

The pass rush has improved for two consecutive games and more splash plays are happening. But the run defense, the linebacker play and the man coverage has to rise above the level of horrendous. Even just a little bit to spare Josh Freeman playing from a first-quarter hole every week.

Joe’s hopeful, but Miami pounds the ball big time.

The Dolphins are ranked fourth in the NFL in rushing, and they’re offensive coaches are probably salivating in the film room about now.

One Response to “Defense Improving Despite Big Numbers, Big Plays”

  1. JK Says:

    For some reason GB didn’t run up the middle at our weakness like the other teams have done. They kept trying to beat us to the outside. What ever the reason I’m ok with it. It was a good feeling to get one in the win column. It’s been a long long time.